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No, they just make up some bogus fees and hope no one notices...
I thought that was the undo function?
Not according to this AI story.Simple concept actually. Some one would like to turn something off when they're done using it. Make sense to me.
Is this still 3rd Gen only?
I either missed that or forgot, thanks!  Apple made a smart choice then.  I wouldn't to deal with all the other crap phones out there either.   
I wish Apple would look under it's couch cushions to get the change it needed to buy T-Mobile. That would make things extremely interesting. I have a $1 that says Samsung would immediately run after Sprint. :-)
Oh hell ya, I can get my Glee fix anytime I want now! /sarcasm
While I agree whole heatedly good luck with that. I'd be happy if we could just make people prove who they are when they come to vote. May be if we required the same ID used for government handouts; welfare, food stamps, healthcare...
I'm pretty sure the other side would be consultant when the say keep the politicians and the slime associated with them, out of Apple.
Corporations generally are more conservative than liberal. Publicly they may have a liberal face but liberal policies don't work well when someone expects a good or service for their money spent.I'm sure you wouldn't be happy if you had a problem with your Mac or iPhone and Apple's response was "sorry, we're trying really hard but we're underfunded, if you just gave us a little more money..." See the Maps launch for a real life example. Not to say they don't contribute...
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