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What seven posts in and no mention of doom?  
Their loss, my gain...
Last year the app was broken for months, making it impossible to go back and review presentations.  I hope they do a better job of keeping this app functional this year...
I don't remember them when they were running, I was only six at the time.  Ironically I bought my son a Matchbox version not too long ago.  
 With all due respect to Mark Messier, Can Am has tried this and it still sucks a$$.
I apologize, I wasn't clear.  What if they are developing a pen that would sense where the input device is and subtly "pull the screen" for the lack of a better word?  Even if the technology isn't used with a pen input device I could see some version of this idea being useful on the rumored curved displays.  Maybe they found a way to track finger movement? I always found the parallax feature by itself to be a bit odd.  It was a feature(?) no one was asking for, and to me...
 Hmm, iOS 7 introduced the parallax effect.  What if this was a stepping stone for pen support in iOS 8?
 Probably because somewhere they share a common library and that library is going to get updated.  The file needs to be closed for that to happen.
 Now you're just being racist.  
All I can think of is Jimmy Paek whenever I read this...
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