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 I spend a good amount of time in areas with little or no cellular connection and this is the first time I've ever seen these specific events happen under these specific conditions.  I've seen them happen with a cold startup on a GPS but never after acquiring a lock and then losing it temporarily.  Apparently I haven't been paying attention before upgrading to iOS7.
   I understand what you're both saying but I've never seen it move like this before.  Its not that I'm "bouncing" from place to place, it's the direction the phone thinks I'm facing is incorrect.  It definitely appears this is a compass issue and not a "positional" issue.  I probably didn't explain it the best but even as I travel the pointer shows me to be in the correct position on the map, but the map is twitching back and forth as if it can't tell the direction I am...
The Maps app does that on my iPhone 5 sometimes.  When I'm in an area with little or no data coverage and weak GPS the maps app will oscillate back and forth especially if I come to a stop.  It will even do it if I'm driving down the road.  I'm starting to think this may be a combination of iOS7 and hardware issues.
Thank you for proving my point.  Look how bad those systems are today without Apple in the mix.  Why invest millions of dollars in to something which has absolutely no chance of competing with what Apple has to offer.  Plus I would be willing to bet a very high percentage of VAG customers also own iPhone and Apple products.  In this case going it alone is basically competing against your customer's best interests.
What did you do with all the money you saved by not having to buy a computer for all those years?
I'm not a GM fan but good for them. This is going to be a game changer. I'm sure contracts are involved but Ford needs to dump its association with Microsoft ASAP. Sync was pretty cool on my 2010 Edge but almost four years have past and the new Sync has only gotten worse. Other companies like VW don't have the resources or experiences designing modern user interfaces. Everyone wins (except MS of course). Hell open it up, let this technology work with either Android...
 I had my logic board replaced under this; http://support.apple.com/kb/TS4088
 FYI, there's no need to tell us where you you get your news from, we can tell from your posts...
$5 says that if this story was "MSNBC's giant new Microsoft touch screens have fewer pixels than an iPad" the comments would be gushing of how innovative and forward thinking it is to have such a large display and that Apple should build a 55" display or else they're doomed.
 Lucky dog.  I've heard good things about the GTD as well.  We're suppose to get both on this side of the pond, but not until next year.  Enjoy!
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