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I'm pretty sure the other side would be consultant when the say keep the politicians and the slime associated with them, out of Apple.
Corporations generally are more conservative than liberal. Publicly they may have a liberal face but liberal policies don't work well when someone expects a good or service for their money spent.I'm sure you wouldn't be happy if you had a problem with your Mac or iPhone and Apple's response was "sorry, we're trying really hard but we're underfunded, if you just gave us a little more money..." See the Maps launch for a real life example. Not to say they don't contribute...
Just think, if the rumors are true we get to listen to Carney doing this 24/7 on all the Apple news!
Don't worry, there weren't that many who thought this was a good idea. It appears many in this forum are still capable of logical thinking...
Never heard of guilt by association? No matter how you spin it this guy on day one of reporting to work will have over 50% of the country thinking he's a lying slime ball. Why would you want to go there? You mean to tell me there is no one else out there qualified and doesn't carry the political baggage?
Wow. Never knew I was a farmer. Thanks for your wonderful insight.
Thanks for the workflow feedback. I like the idea of referencing the videos.
I'm confused.  According to Adobe I'm on the updated version, but I know I haven't updated in at least 1-2 weeks.  I hate defending Adobe, but  this patch was issued a while back.  What am I missing here?  How is this any different than saying a known exploit for iOS 7 SSL issue was found in the wild today?  It's been fixed, update and get it!
This is what I don't like now, I have videos in Aperture and in iMovie.  In fairness I never did much with movies to create a workflow and Apple doesn't offer much in suggesting one.  Not the end of the wold by any means, but I wish things were a little "more structured" for the lack of a better term.
Mitsubishi or a VW?  What a choice.  One is a car company with no cars and the other is cars without any customers.  (And that's from a long time VW owner).  Subaru all the way...
New Posts  All Forums: