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Is there a way to disable 802.1x on system wide basis? I setup laptops where a number of users will be using them at any one point, and when they log in, it is prompting for account name and password. It is not needed for what they are doing and it confuses them greatly. I know how to do it on a by user basis, but would like to do it system wide to cut down on the help desk calls. Thanks.
I have found that crucial has the cheapest ram for out needs. Actually the university that I work for has a tech store that sell crucial instead of the apple certified ram. I recently purchased a MacPro for a user that wanted 16GB of ram installed. The cost of the ram on apple store was almost $3900 for educational pricing while our tech store sold it for just under $1400. We haven't had any problems with the crucial ram.
I am the Mac administrator for my company and I am looking at bringing the Macs into the Active Directory realm. Since we have crept to over 100 Macs (most laptops) it has gotten a little more difficult to manage. I have researched two products, but haven't done any testing yet. The products that I have researched are Centrify Direct Control and Thursby ADmitMac. Direct control seems to be a bit more useful with machine policies. While AdmitMac seems a little light in...
Has anyone received their back-ordered Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter yet? I have a few users that ordered it with their new MBP to run their 30" displays. Just hoping to get them off my back soon.
I am wondering when solid state hardrives will be in MBP's? Threre is talk of other manufacturers bringing them on in 2008. Does anyone know what Apple's plans are? Early 2008? Late? 2009?
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