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Your statement shows a thorough lack of knowledge of the real world. Filemaker is being used by thousands of companies on a daily basis to manage every aspect of their business. Whether the product fits your academic, pretentious opinion about "database theory" is irrelevant; these are reliable, powerful, and flexible database systems that get the job done.
It would be nice if I could view them, but Safari 5.1.2 is now refusing to play most videos, and keeps auto-reloading the whole web page.
"The iPhone 4S is set to ship on Nov. 11 in South Korea as well as Albania, Armenia, Bulgaria, El Salvador, Greece, Guatemala, Malta, Montenegro, New Zealand, Panama, Poland, Portugal, and Romania" So nice of Apple to get those phones out to critical locations like Albania and Panama, before they'll sell a factory-unlocked 4S to me here in the U.S.
"Change 500 mexican pesos into US dollars." This is not a *question*; why are you surprised that there is no answer?
Ha that's funny, as if mechanical contacts are not susceptible to failure from repeated use and dirty/oxidized contacts!
It appears that people are not grasping the nature of FCPX. It's NOT a software update of Final Cut, it's an ENTIRELY NEW APPLICATION. Apple did not "strip out" features, they were never there to strip out! The fact that it looks somewhat like iMovie is probably because it started from the iMovie code base!
The answer is simple. Apple does not want to compete head-to-head with a mainstream PCs, as their premium pricing would be exposed. With the Macmini the consumer says "oooo it's so high-tech and tiny, I don't mind paying more for that." With the iMac the consumer says "oooo it's so convenient and easy to set up an all-in-one machine, I'll pay more for that!" If Apple made a mid-range headless machine, the consumer would say "ewwwww, I have to pay how much more for...
Why is there no mention of solar collectors? For a building of this size, in an area with almost year-round sunshine?
Why does Apple need to license speech technology? They've been doing research for decades, is their in-house technology that limited after all this time?
Does not look good with three separate openings in the top -- very cluttered and not very Apple-like. Why aren't the earpiece, camera, and proximity sensor all combined into a single (longer) slot?
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