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It's pure common sense to go for the lower price if the end product is the same regardless of the software it came from. Using Apple product doesn't mean you need to get music or anything else from them. But I can see how some would stick to the Apple brand all the way to their iCoffin. I like iPhoto, but Apple was gonna charge me an arm and a leg to print a photo book, so I went to Kodak.com instead. Just shop around, simple.
This is my little home setup.
Give the Mac Mini an HDMI port and I would be in complete heaven! I just could never get that overscan issue all figured out. My 1.66ghz Mini needs replacing as it's not coping with the advances in HD technology
I had waited a really long time to get my first Touch and now no camera\ I decided to buy a refurbished 2nd gen 8gig model for $149 from the Apple store and will pass that on to someone once the truly new Touch comes out.
While I agree that the grass is always greener on the other side, you're way off the mark on saying "Verizon sucks the big one". Something about being the biggest, having the least complaints, and most reliable service states otherwise. I like Verizon for their coverage, hate them for trying to monopolize everything like the app store I read about yesterday. I can't image ATT without the iPhone. Someone's gonna pocket a ton load of money to get that exclusive deal extended...
Well, what exactly is the difference? A better viewing angle? I keep reading "better" everywhere and yet no specifics. What is better?
What's the difference in the newly refreshed LED screen from the present model to the one from last week? I'm looking at my 13" unibody MacBook and it looks great, and I read that the resolution is still the same. So what gives?
I pretty much stopped hoping iPhone will ever come to Verizon. I don't like AT&T so no iPhone for me. I'm about to get the Touch just to play with the interface and enjoy some of the tricks via my WiFi, that should satisfy my craving for the iPhone. At the same time there isn't one phone I like on Verizon. Phone selection is just terrible. Where are the great Nokia's roaming in Europe. Why is this outdated still alive and kicking? Do we need the government to outlaw...
I don't at all see what's wrong with the previous generation of Shuffle. I think it's the best iPod period, for what it is of course. I use mine only for the gym and personally don't see how people lug their big iPods on arm bands and such, looks like it's a pain. I also don't use Apple headphones simply cause the in ear phones hurt after a while. But overall the design is perfect with the controls on the device itself. I'm totally confused why Apple wanted to make...
I e-mailed a question to Cramer's show a while back about a stock. I thought it was a good question since someone from the show called me back and wanted me to ask it on the air. BUT, I was told to revise my question a bit and after a little coaching by the show rep I realized the question I had originally thought of had absolutely nothing to do with what they wanted me to ask. Pretty much the company name was the only thing in common. I never really though much of his...
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