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I couldn't agree more. Every time I travel it is a nightmare, and I had to rely on jailbreaks to use plans that were acceptable and not international spine breaking rates. Not to mention that I had to change numbers and several other issues, while spending hours checking which carrier would actually give me what I wanted. Thumbs up for that to take off!
I have several partitions, and no problem at all. Turns out that there is no patch to stupidity. If your retarded with computers, take your mac to an apple store, and say you bought Lion and is having trouble to install. Ppl who don't even know the difference between buying an application at the app store and LAUNCHING the thing from their HD should not even be using computers. Buy an iPad, ONLY and iPad...
Apple should sue Nokia for everything they can. Nokia's cellphone division is known to be in the red for a while, and then they decided to kill (literally) the competition. They went as far as to try to block Apple from selling computers in the US. F(word) them! I really hope they (nokia) get screwed as much as possible. If it was for them, I would still be paying $20 for a data cable and using a shitty software that didn't integrate with the rest of my operating...
All this flash thing looks so much as the antennagate problem. I agree with Jobs when he says flash days are over. I hate the damn thing. I only use it to watch videos that are not in h.264, and that is it. Everytime I enable the thing my overall web experience is SO crappy. As of late, a lot of people started talking about Flash as a serious platform for development, but everybody with some insight knows it is not, thus you don't have any quality high performance...
Errr.... are you retarded or something?
This study is completely useless. They should get participants with no experience at all on any phone. When you select someone who does some certain task several times a week, and compare this operation with a new one in a few minutes, there simply is no baseline for comparison. Why don't they do the opposite? Take experienced iPhone users and put them to write on normal keypad and numpad phones. Lets see how much more time will they take to do it.
New Posts  All Forums: