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There is this thing called the premium market. An Apple seem to only be interested in the premium market, think of it this way, why many people dreamed of buying Merc or BMW? Cause there is a huge luxury stamp labelled on it and owning one is like a status quo. That is what Apple is also, why do students own Mac? Well some of them is to look cool and some to show that "I am from a wealthy family", now some people will whine that this is not a good thing and such, but look...
Definitely agree with you on this one. Those who don't understand, fails to understand how Apple do their business. Apple softwares are cheaper then Windows equivalent cause most of the price has been subsidized by the hardware cost! Which company will sell a professional photo management will Aperture at its current price and with 2 licenses! 1 for notebook and 1 for desktop. There are a few reasons why people stick with a Mac and if Apple decides to lower their prices...
screw the board, Jobs bring back the company from a near brink of death and THIS IS HOW they treat him? Losers, let see them saving a company from a brink of destruction? Hint: Made OSX open to everyone, more like a catalyst then a solution
good point, time to join you guys, dun promote more switchers without REAL reason!
Hmm...downgrading requires you to pay more..I wonder which company does that?
taxfree, go away man, you troll. First of all it will be near impossible for all Windows 7 desktop/notebooks to wake up from sleep in less then 2 seconds cause of the different hardwares out there. That just MS giving the crap to you guys and it seems you bought it.Erm no? its going to be better then Vista, definitely but not going to rock my world, more of yawn my world. And I take iPhone OS, Blackberry and Palm Pre over the much needed update loonymo any day.10 000 MIT...
lol, they made the kid look at the cheapest mac...and the Mom said I'm not a PC, hahahahhahahaha. and I agree MS is sooo overreacting towards the Mac market when Mac users will buy Office and etc.
LOL, idiots, Mac never was promoted to be a games computer, it is meant to do other stuffs and games is just occasion. Why? cause Mac usually able to last around 5 years and if a computer were to last for 5 years, it won't be able to play the latest game during the 3-5th year period. Gamers own desktop cause it can be upgradeable, they own powerful instead of looks notebook cause they want gaming performance and eventually will sell it after a couple of years of use. And...
Yup, in Asia, MSN and Yahoo is more popular, I bet some dont even know what is AIM... ,lets hope future version of iChat allows MSN
Not exactly, if there is no patent, what is stopping company A from doing an exact copy of Company B. Would you love to see all the money you spend on R&D ended up being copied by another company? I don't think so. And without patent, give me reason why would company innovate if their innovation ended up being copied within a period of time.
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