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[quote]Originally posted by jutus: Then you can stash all your porn away.
Is it true that when you use a Titanium Laptop with the DVI-ADC connector and 23" Display you can extend your screen, mirror your screen but not disable the Laptops screen when hooked up to theCinema Display?
Is there a way to password protect just one folder in OS X versus the whole hard drive? I want to make sure my kids can't get into my work stuff.
I'm trying to connect my old iMac to my new iBook through TCP/IP - I've made both computers active and turned File Sharing on enabling TCP/IP on both - now what? Is one of the hard drives supposed to pop up on the other's screen? Is there a place like in AppleShare that I can see the other drive? I'm so confused.
I want to sell my old iBook - how can I make sure that whoever buys it isn't able to recover all the stuff I threw away when I was cleaning it up? Is there a sure-fire way to wipe the hard drive clean?
I wanna transfer stuff from my old Clamshell to my new Powerbook - what's the best route to go? Ethernet cable, Firewire? I don't have airport... and also what's this I hear about TCP/IP - what happened to AppleTalk/AppleShare?
Total idiot here but how does a Tape Drive work? I'm willing to plunk down the cash, so long as l know it would be an improvment over the external hard drive I already have.
What's the best way to back up your hard drive? I have an external hard drive but I was wondering if there were any other alternatives that I'm missing. Big thanks in advance.
Total novice here - I want to move stuff from my old iMac to my new iMac but I'm not sure how to make sure everything gets over. I know about AppleTalk and have the cable but is there an easy way to make sure all of my preferences (like my bookmarks) get to the new computer?
I know this probably sounds remedial but I'm kind of a novice - how do I know what to move over? I mean will a search for "preferences" in sherlock do it or is it more advanced? Are there services that could do all this for me?
New Posts  All Forums: