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you are right and i stand corrected... hope SNAPz Pro X is reading this thread and comes up with a plan well you could still do it on a Mac then convert the movie to Iphone/Ipod to watch later... oh well... like i said - you are right.. thanks for pointing out the obvious-
haven't you ever heard of SNAPz PRO Xrecord ANYTHING on your screenhttp://www.ambrosiasw.com/utilities/snapzprox/
BRING IT ON VERIZON.. i would switch to them in a heartbeat . ATT has THE WORST coverage in my city New York City and I am sick of the bad reception and dropped calls , plus all my friends and family members have verizon and i could take advantage of my current verizon DSL plan by bundling it with my iphone ... bye bye ATT, HELLO VERIZON ... can you hear me now???
Ok people, from what i understand from 'reading' this AI article is; if you purchased your iPhone 3G last July 11 (like i did) you DO NOT have to wait 18 months or 24 months to get the subsidized price ($199. for 16GB or $299 for 32 GB) don't know what happened to the video post here cause it won't play - but the link to the letter should spell it out for those who care to READ i went to the Apple Store in Soho, NYC, today and the AT&T store right after i left there and...
NO it's actually an acronym for MORRO THE SAME... I couldn't resist!!!... i digress, once again... The EFF have declared Microsoft Windows and Microsoft products unfit for use. They're not the first but their declaration may prove to be the most dramatic... read on..http://rixstep.com/2/20090326,00.shtml
in theory, if you wanna believe the HYPE and are in constant denial... but this is as bad as it gets... (and they say KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!!)Buy It.. Try It ... then bury it ...The EFF have declared Microsoft Windows and Microsoft products unfit for use. They're not the first but their declaration may prove to be the most dramatic.http://rixstep.com/2/20090326,00.shtml
well try reading this article; which isn't propaGanda from AI -its from a different source with the TRUTH & CONSEQUENCEs of Windoze BLOATWARE and why MICRO$HIT has so many problems..then repost here...there was a song way back when and it went something like ...WAKE UP EVERYBODY NO MORE SLEEPING IN BED... The Truth and the ConsequencesMicro$hit cannot prevent interlopers from corrupting the system and the computer hardware resources. Micro$hit can tell you after the fact...
you can burn to Blue-Ray media via Toast Titanium for OSX and while your dusting the HORSE CRAP from your eyes & ears- try reading up on the Micro$hit BLOATWARE and un-usable crap they keep putting out for years... then repost here... Micro$hit (as always- are just changing the curtains) and not re-doing the entire home..can you say EXTREME MAKEOVER!!???? thats what Apple did when they released MAC OS Xthey got rid of the old software and CREATED a new and better user...
i suppose you have already caught her and thats why are making this comment... why spend the extra $$$ and be locked to this feature, just kick her to the curb once a CHEATER always a cheater
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