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Ok mr. Ron Johnson are u listening??? I am one of those customers who will ONLY ENTER JCP with a coupon in hand or coupon discounted sales - since the last time I entered your JCP store at 34th st NYC and was told they dont accept coupons ANYMORE I never returned but instead walked up a 2 blocks to MACY'S where there was a plethora of sales with coupon discounts- so unless you return to this model JCP will continue to report losses... Oh well ...
I was just here backing up my photos to iPhoto and all of the sudden at the end when I tried to complete my backup the app just froze and crashed my Macbook Pro core i7 machine and i quickly went to APPLEINSIDER and checked and nothing was there , sooooooooo then I just got my iphone replaced and decided to check APPLEINSIDER once again and BAM!!!! right at the top of the list is this TOO FUNNY!!! my 2 cents... I LOVE APPLE BUT I LOVE APPLEINSIDER TOO!!!
yes i agree with you 1,000 % but not with the APPLE products; How would an extended warranty help there? have you taken a damaged out of warranty APPLE device/laptop/ipad in for repair?? I had my original MACBOOK PRO 2007 give me problem after problem after problem that they had to replace almost every part keyboard and CD/DVD Drive and faulty screen and then the video chip which was a defect finally acknowledged by NVidia (after a class action lawsuit...
it cracks me up when i'm at BESTBUY or an electronics store and I see the dumbass's buying the 60" inch flat screens for like $3,000. and then when the sales rep suggest they buy the extra care for it they refuse to and I just wish I could be the fly on the wall when that shyt breaks down and its one day after their warranty expired... trust me I've had APPLECARE for every apple product I own, MACBOOK PRO, IPHONE4 and iPAD2 and its worth every penny... I purchased a August...
Roger Cheng is an executive editor in charge of east coast operations for CNET News. Prior to this, he was on the telecommunications beat and wrote for Dow Jones Newswires and The Wall Street Journal for nearly a decade. He's a hard-core Trojan or did they mean HARD CORE TROLL and the spell checker changed it to TROJAN??? well I predict this guy will soon be FIRED like a donald chump apprentice..
any takers??? not sure how much i can get but i def selling it- its in mint brand spanking new condition NO SCRATCHES, NEVER LEFT THE HOUSE STILL HAVE THE ORIGINAL BOXING and I AM THE ORIGINAL OWNER- bitzandbitez@gmail.com make me an offer i can't refuse.. : )
you will be one less person in my line I won't have to wait for when ordering my OUT OF STOCK iPAD3 when they do go on sale. Don't let the door hit u on the a$$ when u leave... SAMESUNG will be happy to have your $$$
It's obvious this guy is not getting it- and I'm glad you were brave enough to school him- I have been trying out something on my end and I listen fall asleep to pandora radio with my iPhone 4 - supposedly 100% UNLIMITED DATA -(cough-cough) and I still have 19 days left and I have (according to AT&THIEF) used 1.4GB OF UPLOAD AND DOWNLOADED 10GB so far- Still yet to receive the throttle message
if my memory serves me correct; APPLE gets NOTHING from the Match fees- this goes directly to the record co. and producer and songwriters of the content and not based on the replay or the downloaded content but the iTUNES MATCHED files ONLY!!! they pay this fee out APPLE GET NO $$$ from this - it was an agreed fee with the recording industry and APPLE as a way to get $$$ out of this - apple has a BIZZILLION users with their ecosystem and this was a guaranteed revenue...
OK MR. CAKEHOLE U MUST BE AN IDIOT I TAKE IT.. is your head so far up your aRse that you can see forest for the trees??? i suppose apple has over 100 BILLION in CASH because the are selling COCAINE here in the US right??? and they are the NUMBER 1 SMARTPHONE COMPANY IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW ... maybe you should GOOGLE it , no better yet BING IT u FOOL!!! obviously your a troll and an APPLE H8r don't forget to vote for Newt Gingrich ok.
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