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you will be one less person in my line I won't have to wait for when ordering my OUT OF STOCK iPAD3 when they do go on sale. Don't let the door hit u on the a$$ when u leave... SAMESUNG will be happy to have your $$$
It's obvious this guy is not getting it- and I'm glad you were brave enough to school him- I have been trying out something on my end and I listen fall asleep to pandora radio with my iPhone 4 - supposedly 100% UNLIMITED DATA -(cough-cough) and I still have 19 days left and I have (according to AT&THIEF) used 1.4GB OF UPLOAD AND DOWNLOADED 10GB so far- Still yet to receive the throttle message
if my memory serves me correct; APPLE gets NOTHING from the Match fees- this goes directly to the record co. and producer and songwriters of the content and not based on the replay or the downloaded content but the iTUNES MATCHED files ONLY!!! they pay this fee out APPLE GET NO $$$ from this - it was an agreed fee with the recording industry and APPLE as a way to get $$$ out of this - apple has a BIZZILLION users with their ecosystem and this was a guaranteed revenue...
OK MR. CAKEHOLE U MUST BE AN IDIOT I TAKE IT.. is your head so far up your aRse that you can see forest for the trees??? i suppose apple has over 100 BILLION in CASH because the are selling COCAINE here in the US right??? and they are the NUMBER 1 SMARTPHONE COMPANY IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW ... maybe you should GOOGLE it , no better yet BING IT u FOOL!!! obviously your a troll and an APPLE H8r don't forget to vote for Newt Gingrich ok.
sometimes I ask myself the same question maybe AI is being run by a bunch of skateboarding teens who are updating the site while skating and don't have the time to run "SPLEEL CHECKER" (emphasis on spell) and these things go "live" and full of errors... oh well welcome to the world of ebonics- (one more thing to add doesn't AI have a spell checker in their text editor??? they should at least have one i mean its in apple's Text Edit app and it corrects my mistakes as i type...
Everytime I go on Fridays to get my haircut in Spanish Harlem someone almost always walks in selling something ie. the Asian woman selling the counterfeit DVD's and they even walk rightup to you in the restuarant while you are eating and pull out the bogus DVDs and dudes always walk in selling something stolen... But if you live a decent area of course u won't see this but in he urban areas in NYC yes it happens
I read your comment here and thought are you just playing DUMB?? or are you just dumb. then I read the little bit at the bottom of your post: i.e.; "reasonable, rational, Fandroid with a general respect for Apple product design" ... and i realized why your making this ridiculous comment, first where was your head at when Mr. Shit (Eric) did what he did to Steve Jobs ... maybe it was up your arse where it prob would be or in the ground like an Ostrich and have you forgotten...
ATTN AI THE EAGLE HAS LANDED!!! and of all places in CHINA!!!! *(now-if only other US american companies could innovate and create something the Chinese want so desperately that we can make $$ off them- Hmmm... Now that's a thought.. Oh, WAIT... the iPhone is actually made in China- so do they send them back to Apple in California and then Apple ships them back to China???)
APPLE 'IS' as APPLE 'DOES' and they DO IT PROPERLY (that's a song one of my best friends produced back in the 90's The name of the group was "2 Puertoricans a Black Man and a Dominican") My BFF was the Dominican- CHEP NUNEZ may he RIP!!!) RIP HIM A NEW G C B I was going to but u did the honors!!
[/QUOTE] THATS A BIG L.I.E. L.I.E. = (Lieing_Inconvenient_Exaggerated) stats... SHOW US THE DATA GOOGLE!! PROVE IT!!! yea all of the sudden... 1/2 a million activations per day yea right- i got bridge to sell you in the MOHABI DESSERT!!
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