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aGREED 100% FIRE THOSE BASTARDS and take away the FREE IPHONES and IPADS they got when these things came out and EVERY APPLE WORKER got one for FREE... WTF???? I would LOVE TO WORK AT THE APPLE STORE ... friggin MORONS!!I bet my yearly salary (although it wouldn't be much since i'm not working) that these are Micro$H!t ex-employees and self HATING ex-MS windoze users who lost their jobs and now are at the APPLE store .. go work at walmart
i'm surprised NOT ONE PERSON here even mentioned this: APPLE IS REMOVING JAVA from the OS when LION is released in the WILD!!! so these types of Java Runtime apps will not get installed on to your MAC ANYMORE!! see the link at the bottom of this post: No Java runtime Also missing from Lion is a preinstalled Java runtime capable of executing "100% pure" Java apps. There are few examples of Java desktop apps in the wild, so most users won't notice. Not bundling the...
oh well.. i was holding out for the sept 2011 release of this baby but now it lQQKs dim so off to ATT i go to order the white HOT model.. first post hah
i think just as another poster on here said that Google needs to create another web app or website and link the Google crap to that but keep the hi-end movie stuff separate on another channel youtube has so much crap and junk and I'm not sure i trust entering my credit card info on a youtube page-
they will have Qualcomm develop something for that trust me ... they have the capital to do it.
story... you have all the kids going back to school and the holidays and the BUZZ for the new new new (drum roll here) i- whatever but it makes PERFECT sense... this will give them enough time to add any i-extras and also have an LTE (real 4G) iphone ready , since AT$T and Verizon should have their 4G network online by then... we hope
Oops!!! i meant the white one... natch....here's the customizable color site for that ...http://www.colorwarepc.com/p-236-iphone-4.aspx
Talk about being the Bomb in technology they are so HOT right about now they're BLOWIN' UP THE SPOT LOL,,,,
battery life is CRAZY like that girl in the tree in that ANDROID ad ... it s the white 64GB wifi only model ... now to trade up my black iphone 4 for a white one whenever the HELL that comes out... or heck i'll just buy the white Mophie iphone battery cover case.. PROGRESS = BANKRUPTCY = I am BROKER than AL ROKER
talking crap and mis-informing the readers here on AI -- people will read this GEEKAZOID's rant and believe it like its GOSPEL ... so i BLASTED HIM .... i feel better now ... and NO I don't need drugs - DO U WANT A ZOLOFT or XANAX ??? or maybe u are PC troll too??? HERE TROLLY , TROLLY , TROLLY... I was one of the LUCKY ONES, i hopped on a bus from the Port Authority in NYC and got my new 64GB White WiFi iPad2 friday at the Fairview North Bergen NJ store @ 5pm and I love...
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