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Thank you for the link, I had see that video.    Unfortunately the link explains how to recover a password for a sheet that is protected from being edited. I have a document that is protected from being opened. 
Hello,    Using MacOffice 2008 I have password protected an Excel file so that a password is needed to open the document. As you can imagine, I have now forgotten the password and cannot open the file.    There seems to be a lot of material online about removing passwords that protect the contents from being edited, but not if it is protected from being opening. Is there any way I can get passed to password to access the document?   Thanks for your help in...
Mid 2007 - http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/macbook/specs/macbook-core-2-duo-2.0-white-13-mid-2007-specs.html   Now I need to consider whether to buy a 2Gb set or not having matching modules 
Thank you for the replies, just to confirm I am running Snow Leopard.    CPU usage - typical usage seems to be 7.5% user, 2.5% system, leaving 90% idle. Presuming this figure does not show an issue...   System memory - Free 15mb, wired 205mb, active 529mb, inactive 273mb.    Top memory hungry processes include: - Google Chrome Renderer - 115mb - Google Chrome - 148mb - Google Chrome Helper - 90mb - Google Chrome Renderer - 50mb  - Google Chrome...
I have a May 2007 Macbook C2D 2.0Ghz 1Gb RAM 250Gb HDD (183Gb free) running 10.6.8.    When I bought this computer I was able to open 10 apps at once without it slowing to a grinding halt, today even just using Chrome is slow. 99% of the usage is just surfing the web, but increasingly the machine is struggling with this task.    2-months ago the machine had a rebuild that helped, but now its worse than ever. Apple have used a diagnostic tool on the hard drive and...
Thank you everyone for you replies. Holding down the mouse button works great. After the disk was out the computer even booted into OS X, so its solved all of my problems. Thank you
In windows I have had some driver issues, and my computer will only boot to a blue screen. I want to eject the disk in my optical drive so that I can put in the restore CD that came with my macbook and start again (luckily data is backed up). Does anyone now of a manual way of ejecting the the disk? If this can't be done then i'm going to have to pay for the repair. Would be greatful of any help, thank you.
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