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Downloaded from Apple Downloads as the Software and look forward to messing around with it.   Airuser
Had Hp printer, once I upgraded to Leopard had to buy a new one as Leopard did not have the drivers. No problems since. Airuser
Found out that there are no drives for the printer. So had to buy a new one. Thanks for the suggestion. Airuser
Hope I am in the right place. I have installed my Hp 5740 into Leopard. I cannot get the printer to work. Get error 9672 when I try to add. Airuser
About the iPhone. Was not its use supposed to be only for USA. Airuser
Having read the replies so far given. I believe that many buyers do not read their contracts. But living in Europe we do not sue for everything, I have seen that many of the Law actions are taken with the idea we may win. With roaming charges here in Ireland we are told many times that they are expensive and that one should check which operator offers the best rate overseas. I know when I travel abroad. I either buy a ready to go system which can be bought in...
New Posts  All Forums: