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They will fix the screens.
It does to an extent but the performance is not as good as native codecs. Also, you have to launch QT in 32 bit mode. I'm still playing with different work arounds.
I would love to see an update that allows QTX to play .m4v/.mp4 files that have a AC3 soundtrack.
Has anyone tried using Google Calendar with iCal?Link Does it keep calendars in sync automatically and allow editing of all calendars from both iCal and online through google? This is a feature that I am looking forward to. Google Sync uses exchange to keep google calendars in sync w/ my iPhone but the missing link is keeping iCal in sync. CalDav is close but doesn't work well with multiple calendars.
3 weeks? was it a BTO machine? a friend just bought a stock 2ghz macbook. she ordered friday and had her machine by wednesday. my guess is new macbook update for a whole. MBP will hopefuly get core 2 sooner than later.
most '.mpg' files are either mpeg1 or mpeg 2; neither format is supported by the video ipod. Use quicktime pro or podner to convert the files. both apps are relatively cheap, and worth the money (espcially podner). the ipod is more likely to support files ending in '.m4v', '.mp4', or even '.mov' either way it has to be an mpeg4 or h.264 file enjoy your ipod! i love mine.
The new iPods don't even support FW400, i don't see them supporting 800 anytime soon. Also, with regard to speed, i don't think the HDDs in iPods can even max out the bandwidth of FW400, let alone 800. So there most likely would be little if any increase in transfer speeds (compared to FW400).
Ironically, i'm pretty sure Tony Hawk is a pretty big mac supporter. I know, I know, intel macs are coming, but they're not here yet.
Wasn't there a thread about this earlier this week? Anyway newertech makes replacement batteries that have slightly higher capacity than the stock apple batter. Also, be sure to try resetting your battery by running it all the way down and charging it all the way back up. http://newertech.com/batteries
Wow, thanks for the heads up about RyanAir. I am travelling to the UK this winter. I'll be studying in Leeds for the winter term and am planning to do a lot of travelling. I had seen RyanAir and EasyJet before and had planned to use both services. I will be leaning towards EasyJet now. Thanks again!
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