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Ask yourself how in the hell can there be such grandiose fuck-ups by the party that is master of spin and deception. Ask yourself how in the hell Angry Demented Grandad and a Dippy Hockey Mom got to be in the position of almost being two of the most powerful people in the world. There is only one explanation. The republican party DO NOT WANT to be in office over the next term. They are trying their hardest to screw up with complete nincompoops at the helm. They have to...
Well fellow liberals.....bold highlighting mine. Amusing to say the least! If nothing, it show just how patheticly low the wingnuts are willing to go to exploit the rules to get what they want, and thats why they will win in November.Still as its time for my crucifixion, id just like to say.Lundy: Prick, Go Fuck yourself.Trumptman. Very Funny! Go Fuck yourself.SDW. Nah, not worth a breathAnd may McCain & the creationist slut win the election. No really, i do mean that....
re OPEC: A completely utterly stupid decision that screws everyone, including themselves.
I wonder how Gold is doing now were past the traditional August 'dip'. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! And now - is there any idiot left who thinks that the OIL reaching $147 8 weeks ago was down to anything other than the scumbag speculators making a selfish buck???
well, he would have us believe he didn't jump on John waggon until the Creationist Slut Pig became his running mate.... If you believe that....is that a flying creationist slut pig up there?
Its faaakkkeeee! you'd be hard pushed to score even 10,000 on the multiple render even with a 5GHZ Core 2however the next version of cinebench might be about to be released as Cinema 4d has just been updated to R11 - and one thing it boasts is over 2x the rendering speed - so if the benchmark scene and scoring method stays the same, those might be the actual benchmarks of the new cinebench.
What Scientists need to be doing is getting Religion taught in RE classes with the same zeal as the cretinists http://www.truthbeknown.com/ http://www.jesusneverexisted.com/ and then we need to enlighten people on the true meaning of God http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sufism
All together now, say ahhh! and worship the baby Jesus.
yes, its far easier to just shut up and believe whatever they want you to believe. If we say them WMD in Iraq...If we say a plane hit the pentagon.. One day soon, they'll just lock up people who dare to dissent the official propaganda.
New Posts  All Forums: