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anybody know why all these cams look like they are shot with a 'fish-eye' lens? anything outside of the centre 30% view is 'bended'
"I don't like all these celebrities getting Apple hardware for free" where is it stated they got them for free???? don't remember that being stated as fact anywhere? any sources that can verify what you are saying?
 No Issue with it being a 3rd party, i was only referencing that in response to a previous comment. Still have no idea why Mac_128 compared it to a totally unrelated product. Why not just show a picture of a concrete block? My point is that it is a product that has NO design thought (in my eyes at least) put into it. One would expect something that looked better when it says "Porsche Designed"
That is something that does NOT have a third-party "design" company putting its name on it.
I am aware of them, my point being that the "design" is severely lacking in the result. 2-bit Jonnie down the road would be embarrassed to put his name to it.
"Porsche Design" hard drive. Now that is hilarious. Its a bloody rectangle box!!!
From the Article : "It's expected that the new MacBook Air will feature a redesigned chassis and come in one screen size of 12 inches."   "Beyond the Apple Watch and a rumored MacBook Air with Retina display, Apple has also been gearing up for a refresh of its existing-design 11- and 13-inch MacBook Air models"   I know you are actually referring to a 12" Air WITH Retina and a 11 & 13" without Retina, but surely these 2 statements don't make sense. Why make an...
Reading this thread is like listening to 5 year olds discussing the bird and the bees... loads of opinions, many not making any sense. As an Apple device lover AND a pebble user, i can attest to how great these things are :   - AppleWatch will be nearly twice the price  - AppleWatch will have tons on more functionality (will appeal to some, not of interest to others) - Pebble will have nearly 7 times battery life than AppleWatch (thats the trade off of...
i watched 24 from the very start just a few months ago. It was excellent. Even though i knew characters, i had forgotten most of the story line in the early seasons, so it was largely new to me again. Definitely start again. Just be ok with missing some sleep. :-)
Maybe he is forgetting that cars are getting more and more to be computing devices and thats what Apple know about, and what existing car companies know squat about. integration and security.    I think Apple should buy the IP of TVR and use their designs. The only car company i have ever experienced that design like Apple do, down to putting the petrol cap in the boot so it doesn't spoil the outside lines of the car. Brilliant. The dash of the Cerbera is just pure...
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