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i watched 24 from the very start just a few months ago. It was excellent. Even though i knew characters, i had forgotten most of the story line in the early seasons, so it was largely new to me again. Definitely start again. Just be ok with missing some sleep. :-)
Maybe he is forgetting that cars are getting more and more to be computing devices and thats what Apple know about, and what existing car companies know squat about. integration and security.    I think Apple should buy the IP of TVR and use their designs. The only car company i have ever experienced that design like Apple do, down to putting the petrol cap in the boot so it doesn't spoil the outside lines of the car. Brilliant. The dash of the Cerbera is just pure...
most likely, he watched the launch and decided he could do much better and voiced his opinion. He then did his research and suddenly realised how much work needs to go into creating this device and its links to the phone. Time to re-evaluate comments and correct. Fair play to him. Definitely the opposite to Balmer. Either this or Tim put a brown envelope with a billion in it on his desk and "forgot" to pick it up as he left !!! :-)
 "will demonstrate a method in which a malicious actor could use a specially-crafted Thunderbolt device to inject a bootkit"   Cant see Tom Cruise or Charlie Sheen being too interested in crafting a TB device   ;-)
snappier ;-)
i got a call from a friend the other day asking how to mirror his iPad on his TV. Told hm to get an AppleTV. He asked was there a cheaper way. I gave the usual answer of "i'm sure there is but it will be a bitch", conditioned this way now, so i don't get caught being asked to do it and then having to endure call after call asking why it isn't working again. only then did he admit he had just bought a ChromeCast and wanted to know how to "make it work" once i finished...
I can imagine you on jury duty…Court Clerk :"All rise"You : "He's guilty! lock him up. Look at him, he even looks guilty. Right, anyone fancy a pint?" just poking fun….
Don't get me wrong, my opinion is that GTA messed up hereWhile i actually agree with you, neither of us are privy to the exact dealings and interactions, so without having the full story, or being directly involved, I am interested in other peoples views, maybe they might have something to say that might make me think a little different, or maybe they will make me more sure of my views.
Make sure you don't apply for any job as a diplomat. There are always 2 sides, and the measure of a persons intelligence is very related to their ability to listen to anothers view.  
There is a lesson that i knew since i was about 7 and most of my friends who run companies know. If the terms of the deal are not giving enough in your favour, then don't enter the contract. When my brother first tried to swap my all his "shiny coins" for my "dull piece of paper" , it didn't take much intelligence to reject the offer. Maybe GTA should have employed the same intelligence. Not only did GTA _not_ leave enough profit for the next guy, they didn't even leave...
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