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@prokip No Flame, just asking you to justify that statement, please give a argument to represent how you came to state that. Am genuinely interested in your opinion on it
ad is perfectly targeted. Most Android users can't afford 2 devices, so have to share their pad with the kid. apple family probably have disposable income to afford more devices
"just selling iDevices" lol, like that hasn't worked out for them so far. maybe they should just give the money back to the shareholders....?
dont agree with the comments about it not doing much. Pebble has changed how i interact with my iPhone in a large way. friends and family have bought one based on seeing mine and all say the same - "could not be without it" The devs have got the balance between features and battery perfect. 5-6 days between charging. its the small ways that it changes things you do that are great. I know better things are possible, but i doubt these guys are standing still either.
my point was that ios7 didn't give panoramics to new phones. iOS 6 brought panoramics, think i am correct there, you could enable it on ios5 via jailbreak, i know,  and iPhone 4S shipped with iOS 5 originally.
@tallest skil "Remember iOS 7 only gave panorama shots to the newest iPhones." thats funny, my 4S takes panoramas just fine, and it wasn't new when they introduced panoramas. Heading for 3 years old now and still working just fine. I love it and love the size. I would really be slow to have to go to anything bigger than the 5, screen wise, but the battery on them is so bad. No-one i know has good better life. i really have to start investigating this on herself's phone,...
fix the 24 hour thing and I would be happy. In the last few months, I have had to try locate 2 lost iPhone, one stolen and one actually lost. Both had find my iPhone on. Going into the app or iCloud account about 6 hours later and it just shows 'Location not available' Last known location not available at all. same happens in Find my friends, although that could be designed that way as it shouldn't show you where they wed 24 hours ago. must leave feedback%u2026.
is this an article from the archives??
my first reaction was "solution looking for a problem" , but after reading the proposed usages in the comments above i now "get it"    thanks guys. well explained
oh , brilliant, you really caught me out there with your nit-picking and petty-ness. Amazing!!  go beat up a kitten or something.
New Posts  All Forums: