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it includes many products from different inventors, where are all their competitors crying into their empty milk bottles?? some confusion here about the video, its not made specifically for any Apple V Samsung trail, it is just a general info video, to be shown to jurors relating to ANY patent dispute. Now, that I have seen it though, I didn't realise that Apple invented the tractor and plough…. well, you learn something new everyday !!! 
after months with my pebble, my mind (and that of my brother and others in the office who got one after seeing mine) has been permanently changed with regards to Smartwatches. I love mine now and it has changed how i interface with my phone. its so simple to check calls, emails, texts etc without having to walk across the room or dig the phone out of my pocket while driving/queuing/walking etc i get 4-5 days out of battery and if i forget and it goes dead during the day,...
what has "fall" or any time of the year got to do with this? My point was AI writing that Samsung intend to ship around the same time as Apple unveils the new iPhone. Its still a stupid (and pointless) thing to say. Surely it would be more normal to say SS instead to ship the chip a few weeks (or months or whatever) before the iPhone is unveiled? If it was up to me though, I wouldn't put it in at all. Its redundant.
"Shipments of the so-called "A8" will reportedly begin this fall, around the same time that many expect Apple to unveil new models of its mobile devices" sure, they will ship just at the same time, giving Foxconn PLENTY of time to put the actual chip into the phone on the assembly line. What utter shite. I've heard of amazing JIT stock management in my day, but this is just another level. Does anybody writing(copy/pasting) this not stop and think for 1 sec and go "hmm my...
a watch cannot have a rigid "bracelet" type device , as orientation is important, unlike a bracelet. So it has to fit to many wrist sizes and shapes, so adjustable strap is essential.
Translation of Japan female answer : "No!"
can't wait for the update. Pebble has been the best gadget I have bought in years, and no, they don't look as bad as being made out. (although the images in this article with the stuck on carbon fibre and crap band do make it look totally horrific.)   as to Pebbles death when/if Apple bring out iWatch, nope. iWatch = iOS only.   Pebble = iOS and Android. The Android market will be enough for them and not everyone will buy iWatch over Pebble, depends on features...
"a 16-megapixel rear shooter"   is that to get higher def selfie pics of owns own bell-end?
i heard a rumour from a very reliable source that Apple are going to bring out an iPad thats see-through and call it the Apple-Insider. Allegedly they have filed suit against the use of that name and are looking for $6 Billion in compensation. Also, there is going to be a iWatch Pro that will have a screen diagonal of 5" and a resolution of 2500x320. The screen will stretch from your wrist to just above your elbow and will be made of Jelly at one end so it can...
what a completely nuts idea. Imagine one scenario, film company A decides to put a 'sponsored data' badge on a film trailer. Abuse by l33t group B sets up a worm to download this trailer as much as possible. ATT bill Film Company A for loads of data usage, they say 'no f'ing way' and on it goes. now apply variations of this to anywhere else. would be nice if it could work, but I can't see it.
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