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why do people still make the stupid move of taking a video in portrait? every bloody TV/computer screen has always been naturally in landscape since .. always.
"Delays reportedly push 'iPhone 5S' launch to late Sept." when was any earlier date mentioned and confirmed? So, it would be fair to say that many problems within AppleInsider have now delayed the launch of your new looking website with extra security features leaving readers having to use the OLD and LESS SECURE version?? Of course, all that is as meaningless as the horse shit in this story.
i am definitely suspect of this story. if you are being shocked to the level that puts you in a coma, there is very little chance you have the time to say what is happening to you.   Even with a quick 220v zap, you barely get a chance to say Ow. Trust me.   This sounds like a scene from something like 'Home Alone' ... bzzzzzzz .. "Help!! Iiiiiii'mmmmm beeeeeiiiinnngggg eeelllleeeccctrroooccuuuttteeeddd" bzzzzz With hilarious consequences....   or maybe its...
to me it says that SameSong users are so stupid they try and make a call on an actual fruit.   and the dancing is just cringe worthy. Samsung are the new M$.    loved the idea of a Goat though. Goats are cool. and sheep. and iPhones
Hello. Now you know of one. Me.   I remember getting a watch with integrated USB cable in the strap and had 128Mb Storage (wow!!) and played mp3's back in 2003. Was so handy when running or skiing , and for transferring files. Then a few years later, got a phone watch, had camera, could play music, videos etc. Was completely useless for all those items as the interface was designed by a sock puppet, i'd say. But perfect for going out at night, or again, skiing. No need to...
Restrictions already allowed you to do this in iOS 6.    Pity Apples suggestion to have the SIM done away with and make it all SW based didnt fly. This would have done away with the issue of sim being removed once stolen.
What ? Audio drivers have been improved that much?? 
this is nonsense. I took my RAM out, compressed it with a large hammer, and cant see any increase in performance. (nearly friday !)
" issues could be on the other end of the phone " probably using a Galaxy Note, so the other end of the phone is so far from your mouth, they cant hear you..... ;-) i Jest !
must remember to call you next time I dont have mine with me, so you can do the changes for me.   you != the entire world   Its all about me, yes, its all about me.
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