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"Who is/are Retuers? Never heard of 'em. oh. Maybe they mean Reuters? Great journalism. This really give a lot of confidence in what was written in the article." hahaha, I see what you did there... you caught a typo !!! hahaha brilliant, You really PWNED them! Amazing ! oh god, i LOL'd for hours. i'll bet you never made a typo ! Ace!
my brother bought 3 android tablet for the kids at christmas (decision price based). 2 are now goosed, very, very sub standard charging connections have given up only 2 months later. kids plugging them in and out 10 times a day will always end up with bent pins etc. And they had to plugged in so often as the battery life was dreadful. In relation to the story, the kids only us the tablets for games apps ( when they actually work, loads will install and not run) and a...
2 issues i have with this story 1. why is it "breaking" when its only a rehash of previous rumour articles 2. it says "Apple ... TO FEATURE ...." Who confirmed that??? Surely it should read "may feature"? mislead much? ANALysts!!
wonder if its anything along the lines of Decimal 31 (Dec-31) is equal to Octal 37. Extra 6 units there, so the fix is on the 7th day    or maybe not... long shot
" recent years as gadgets have continued to become impossibly small" first issue i have with this is that Android phones have gone the opposite way and become laughingly huge! And the iphone 5 is bigger secondly, the answer to small devices if to make an even smaller one on your wrist? did the writer not spot the irony of this as they wrote that sentence?? Weird all that said, I like the idea of this, low battery alerts, check a text etc.. perfect, but i agree with...
starting to sound like Ballmer.... no? I always thought competition was *Good* for the consumers? Maybe Mr Page would prefer a monopoly or a cartel? That would definitely help...... someone !! maybe , now that Eric isnt a trojan horse on the board anymore, they cant "predict" what the next big thing is and are hoping a chance to glance over the shoulder at someone else's answer sheet... coggers (yes thats a legit expression in Ireland)
its a loose derivative from an old latin phrase. You can read more in Wiki, as long as Google cloud does not have a global outage and Wiki is not integrate with iCloud. 
Ah, bless, poor fellow, insecurity has taken over and reduced you to this. Dont worry, everyone will soon stop giving thoughts and opinions and only follow your views soon. Because they all know "shit" about anything if its not your view.   My point of reasoning with Google is that each service can be accessed in the main, even if other services are down. I am sure they all have integration, but not *reliant* on each other. Apples iCloud on the other hand, is a central...
Never said anything about size of client base.   Just Googles setup seems more modular (which can be a much better approach in some ways)    I could be wrong, I have no knowledge of the exact inner working of each companies system, its just the impression i get is that Google is more modular
AWS Rock Solid? Come on... do you read the tech news at all... they suffer ALOT. And Netflix is primarily powered by AWS, so if they are spotty, then AWS is spotty. From my point of view, its much easier to build a system that streams a selected movie/tv show, than one that has all the issues of emil/messaging/music/docs and all the other contact/calendar syncing that goes on across multiple devices. Apple certainly do not have the same good record as Google, but then...
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