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"plus it threw iOS users under the bus" explain??? Really confused by that. Baffled actually
i reckon that the ban will Increase Apples Revenue. Customer : iPhone 4 contract for $49 please Sales Rep: Sorry, we dont have any and will not be getting any more in, but I can give you a 4S for $79 Customer : OK, go on. More revenue for Apple.
ah, you see this is the "techie" thinking that always gets in the way of success.   As a developer I would prefer to know, that there are also X amount of people in Y demographic who are also available to target using offline means, in the hope of a certain percentage of them thinking that my new App was something they need and will sign up to the Store to buy it. If that X is big enough, then I know its worth trying to convert 1-5%, but if its unknown, then...    thats...
shared numbers... wonder was this the direction/idea Apple were heading when they wanted to do away with the sim card and have it managed by SW on the device. Carriers blocked this idea.   if it could be handled by SW, then it would be easy to have same number on all devices, i would say.    Even though I would not use a 7" device as a phone, I can see that many people would like it, so think its OK to do. Not harming me in any way, so why not? Pity some other...
New Headline   "Apple once again don't actually care about Wall Street"   'Its not like any of those guys who call themselves ANALysts are running Billion Dollar profit companies' Tim Cook allegedly said.
things have really picked up MS. well done   at least they are not waiting 3-4 years now to announce they are copying the others.   keep her lit, Balmer
all i could do was laugh when i saw that headline. its just brilliant. Brightened up my day to no end.   Anyway, I am sure there are  a few out there who have never seen Dom Joly. How accurate his predictions were 10 years ago   http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=83f_1323799141
Kinda simple solution if you think about it. A Section in the Settings that says "Use Fingerprint Security" with an ON and OFF setting. Setting it to OFF will solve your problems. And I would assume Home Screen activation would be still be by pressing with home or power. FPR would only be need to unlock the device or perform some functions in Apps   I hope Apple call the next one the iPhone 5X, just to mess with the press and predictions. 
streaming music... will be a wasted effort. SJ was right not to bend to subscription music years ago. If i want random, mixed, new and old music, I simply turn on my "radio" , a novel idea that has been around for a looong time. and i get some human chat/opinion and news thrown in with it. And its doesnt cost a monthly subscription. just put in an FM chip, built your own tuner app and have a button to "buy" the current playing song, using a shazam like background process...
Amazing... by trying to question what Rabbit_Coach was saying, as though he is doing it wrong, you basically wrote a description stating that you do EXACTLY what he is doing!!! Wonderous !   Anyway, on the article, what a great idea. Stunned that its not been done yet, it so simple and obvious (once you are told it) Very Apple. Didnt know i wanted it until they showed it to me. The screen is the biggest draw of power on pretty any mobile device, so this is big. 
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