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I sometimes wear gloves in my car. particularly after a cold night. which reminds me, how do ipads handle extended storage at subzero temperatures? How about temps around 120 F? How about routine vacillations in temperature? I just don't think that a car designed around ipads makes sense, not as ipads are currently designed (additionally, why pay for 5 ipad batteries? 5 sets of ipad speakers? 5 ipad microphones? How about all those cameras that point into the dashboard...
I hope they actually mean a touchscreen for a macbook pro -- giant tablet is just an unusable idea from a large market perspective.
has apple's board ever had a decision overturned by its shareholders?   if not, why would anyone expect it to change now?
that's like 3K less than I was expecting. wow.
Sounds like a great way to increase unemployment and decrease payroll taxes in Ireland!
NEWS FLASH! NEWS FLASH! NEWS FLASH! This September event will also not include an update of the MacBook Air! Nor will it include Jet-propelled laptops. or solar-powered iphones that can charge your laptop (although I wish it did).   admittedly, this is a good service Jim is providing, but the title just seems to pick me up and throw me at sharp objects.  
with luck, maybe the new CEO will figure out how to make that company produce software people actually want to own...   here's hoping anyway
If the numbers match Apple's reported numbers, then this report is BS. Apple doesn't report units shipped. Apple reports units sold. As a result, comparing units shipped with units sold doesn't exactly give a very good view of what's really happening, does it?
maybe iWatch relates to the NSA spying program?
No, he looks like a squirrel.
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