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maybe iWatch relates to the NSA spying program?
No, he looks like a squirrel.
Would it have killed you to organize the list by state?!?!!
B**tards! I like my unlimited plan! (at least its something, now where's the free tethering?)
  Please, please, please, have an editor read your copy before you post it. I can't even figure out what you're actually saying. Does the final design employ glass on the rear of the unit? or does it just look like glass?  
I guess my main concern about this idea is that not everyone has an iphone. If I didn't have an iphone and I bought a car, I'd bee damn annoyed about that extra useless button cluttering up the steering wheel.   even if its just an option, there'll be a blank button sitting there if you don't opt for it.
sounds like the "security firm" might have a vested interest in the malware...     D'OH, beat me to it.
Greenpeace seems to be the red-headed stepchild of the environmental movement, causing more backwards movement than anything else. Given that modern coal plants are among the cleanest energy sources after nuclear, I'm not clear on what non-renewable resource they expect Apple to use, or why they think that burning coal in the middle of the coal belt is somehow worse than transporting oil or LNG into the region. don't they understand the idea of "Buy Local?"
I could see this being a temptation for my ipad -- I have a cellular chip, but usually don't use the connection -- if ATT would let me use it only for apps that pay for it, then I would consider using them. imagine -- paying $0.50 for a mail app that used the cellular connection without having to pay for the cellular connection. not that I imagine ATT letting that happen in a million years...
New Posts  All Forums: