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does this mean that I can listen to the new nano's without headphones? Despite the low quality, I've really enjoyed that ability with my iPhone, and would consider that a significant bonus to the nano... when are they going to stick a phone in one of these? Just adding calling ability and nothing more...
crazy, those technical issues must have been horrible... I wonder what went wrong?
My god! I'm selling my mac and buying a PC!!!!! what have I been thinking all these years!
anyone think maybe there'll be a beatles rockband app for the touch/phone crowd? group up over wifi? not entirely sure how it would work, but might be nifty.
considering the number of apps, I'm guessing the minimal numbers of overtly upset complaints fall into the "can't please everybody all of the time" mantra, and don't read much into it. if its so bad, why aren't developers leaving the app store in droves? obviously it couldn't be profitable if it was this bad for all developers... hmm...
I'll admit that I don't know how the signal interactions work, but I've got to wonder if ATT would get better loads if they could piggyback signals into people's wifi networks -- if your phone has a wifi, why can't ATT use a combo of cell and VOIP to blend and make a better experience? I have trouble imagining that this is beyond our existing techonology, but it might be a bandwidth cost issue... iCarbon (wishes that he had better reception in his building that has...
What if El Jobso himself told you?
what is the difference between incompatable and wont open in the software? I have parallels 3.0, and am deeply curious whether I will need to spend X$$ for an upgrade, and time reinstalling my windows partitions just to do the SL upgrade... what does this mean?
keep in mind that its 60 million/month =720 million/year
I will bet my left foot that Steve not only gives the keynote, but also has "one more thing" to offer at the end. And I'm guessing it will either be the tablet or the beatles, but I would wager that the tablet is more likely.. didn't Micheal Jackson own the rights to most Beatles songs?
New Posts  All Forums: