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Personally, I've found that spotlight is even more amazing than people know... it finds emails that haven't even been written yet! (BTW, I recommend the Broncos for next year... who would have guessed!?!)
Not to rock too many boats, but I've got an honest-to-goodness rumor for all of you: The ITG head in my department (at a major university) informed me that he had spoken to our senior Apple sales rep (who's been our rep for >20 years, apparently -- take that as you want), who had a vague piece of news: "if we were doing something, which I'm not saying we are, it will come out in time for the holidays -- so I'd hold off on any major purchases" This is a statement...
My understanding is that i4i markets specifically to the MS word using crowd, and that halting sales of Word hurts them too -- this will be taken care of in a straightforward way, with a large check going from one hand to another. anyone else find the name i4i particularly funny for a plaintiff in a patent infringement case?
The problem is I live in Bloomington, IN -- ~50 miles from the nearest Apple store. I've tried to make appointments at the Genius bar on weekends, but have always had serious trouble. The issue is the dual-link DVI adaptor between my macbook pro (2.8 Ghz Core 2 Duo, with a black-border screen) and my HP LP3065 30" monitor. In the past they've said it was a known issue, but today they told me that it sounded like an unusual problem, hence the actual action (for once).
This article came out with funny timing. I've been wrestling with apple's customer service since January when my miniDVI to dual-link DVI adaptor showed up to make my external monitor unusable... They finally decided to send me a new adaptor... today! Only 7 months of trying to get help, apparently the magic word is "chronic headaches" but actually, they were always trying, it just was a pernicious problem.
Oh no, what you are paying for is the ability to lump your gps into the same device...
I'd like to see the box given rounded corners like all the buttons in the display -- it seems like a sharp contrast and ends up coming caross like a cheap IKEA desk.
You can choose to block all texts -- just tell your wireless carrier to block all text messages, and they will be blocked. I agree that this sounds a wee bit hokey -- invisible texts or strange characters? I'm not sure that makes much of any sense, but I'm no expert -- I can only hope.
I wouldn't mind being able to order searched apps by rating rather than download, with larger numbers of people rating giving more weight to the ratings. I keep looking for the best free games, and its like searching for a needle in a haystack to find them. Why doesn't Apple take a page from its own itunes and make multiple ordering strings you can use to sort the apps?
guys... when you have this little, you should at least call it "breaking news" or something similar so that we can not bother to click the link... really, nothing beyond the headline yet! maybe you could make it a linkless headline, with the text below saying "more coming soon" or the likethat said, I generally like your reporting, just thought I'd give my 2 cents.BTW, my post is longer than the article!!!!
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