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One thing I haven't seen mentioned yet (maybe I'm in the wrong thread) 3GS, the S doesn't stand for speed, silly. Its stands for snappy!
Watching the phone while this goes on is nerve-wracking...
But I want me new software/phone now!!!!! (whines softly)
Seems like a great opportunity is coming up -- with permission from the town council, he should just tear it down. it is always better to ask forgiveness than permission.
it amazes me to think thatr people invested in these guys -- based on these documents, they sound worthless... goes to show why I'm not a venture capitalist!!!!!
AcKKKK!!! AAPL is down $0.18 on this news!!!!! We're all DOOOOMMMMMEEEEDDDD seriously, how does Marshall, TX not get nuked by other states for wasting everybodies resources, shouldn't they get cut-off eventually? Obviously they've figuredout some way to capitalize off of accepting all looney lawsuits that come up (is it a tourist draw?)
Why isn't it more likely that this NEON would end up in the itablet people keep talking about? They've been working on that for quite some time, and I'm thinking that Munster's prediction of late 2010 is probably going to be a full swing that follows some slow pitch we're going to get shortly. That's right, I'm predicting multiple devices...
thats one of the most optomistic statements I've ever heard. they spent, what? like 10 years on Vista, but don't worry windows 7 will be done in three and unquestionably better? what, are they trying now, but didn't really care before?
So I wanted to get this into AI, and this is the most recent relevant thread: I just got off the phone with Apple support to complain about my ongoing problems with the graphics out from my 15" macbook pro (unibody) via a dual-link dvi into a 30" monitor. It tends to flash, go fuzzy, gain translucent grey snow and become unreadable about every 5 minutes (sleep or unplug/replug of the monitor fixes this temporarily). Well, in the past they've told me that they are aware...
I just want to know how long before they figure out that the white powder is someone's non-sugar sweetener. The down side of a terrorized populace is the propensity to overreact to small things. white powder in a cafeteria, I wonder what it could possibly be?
New Posts  All Forums: