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Dammit, when are they going to send out the update that fixes my external monitor misery with my new-release macbook pro on the dual-link DVI adaptor?!?!?!!!!?!!! I can barely work. -z (sorry to be turning into a troll, but I hate being unable to get work done with my $3K computer)
Seriously, I can barely work! My 15" macbook pro is plugged into a 30" HP LP3065, and I can't go more than 10 minutes without some form of visual disturbance. I called apple, and after about 1 hour of trying everything they told me (with no avail), they told me that apple was aware of the problem, and was working on it. they've released two graphics fixes in the past 2 weeks. When are they going to get to this one!!!!
I'm just hoping it fixes my problems with dula-link DVI -- the monitor flashes and goes crazy about every 10 minutes, and then I need to either put the computer to sleep or unplug and replug the monitor. very irritating, and extremely impacting on my productivity.
Bummer on putting the controls on the cord -- I've had my iphone (3G) since August, and I've already killed the headphones that came with it by keeping them in my pocket. The inevitable fate of all headphones I own. Why? because I don't listen to music all the time, but I like having it available when I want it. That would be the whole reason I like small form-factor ipods, so that they can sit in my pocket and be forgotten, until I want music, or an audiobook (having a...
My main issue has been with the dual-link DVI cable -- my 30" HP LP3065 monitor blinks, and goes doubled regularly, I have to put the computer to sleep and rewake it, or unplug and replug the cable to fix the problem. The whole situation is intensly irritating I had to wait 3 months for the bloody cable (using the cheaper DVI cable which killed all hope of reasonable resolution on my $!600 monitor -- no other problems there), but now that I have it, its horrifically...
I want my next iphone to be the same as my current (3G) iphone, only 1/3 the size, with a 3X bigger screen, and 2 weeks of battery life when simultaneously video conferencing, playing video games and watching porn. is that so much to ask?
is it just me, or has Apple been overall slowing down on the creative output front? It seems like they're putting out incremental changes on things (at least from an external viewpoint) for a while -- the unibody macbooks are nice (I already got one), but don't really feel substantially different from my old macbook pro (in fact, mine has felt consistently slower), the updates to the imac have been minimal, really the last significant changes have been macbook air, 3G...
I'm just wondering... since LG is doing the netflix thing... when is Apple going to buy netflix?
What I don't understand is why no one is trying to rescue that heat with thermo-electric materials? they're working with them on cars for the x-prize... http://www.happynews.com/news/121200...efficiency.htm it would seem like a great way to decrease heat and increase battery life at the same time iCarbon (knows it isn't ready for prime time, but thought apple might want to patent it now...)
is it just me, or does the display hing issue sound like a major bummer? Also, who says, "they called me back and told me I was screwed, but since they were so nice to call, I'm cool with it"? Not reasonable -- these are unfortunate issues, I don't think they are dealbreakers (at least not for me), but I would prefer if they weren't the case.
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