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What I don't understand is why no one is trying to rescue that heat with thermo-electric materials? they're working with them on cars for the x-prize... http://www.happynews.com/news/121200...efficiency.htm it would seem like a great way to decrease heat and increase battery life at the same time iCarbon (knows it isn't ready for prime time, but thought apple might want to patent it now...)
is it just me, or does the display hing issue sound like a major bummer? Also, who says, "they called me back and told me I was screwed, but since they were so nice to call, I'm cool with it"? Not reasonable -- these are unfortunate issues, I don't think they are dealbreakers (at least not for me), but I would prefer if they weren't the case.
OK, so I'm curious for a clarification -- when Apple states that they have 2 million phones in the channel, what percentage (if any) of these are on the shelves in Apple stores, and therefore not considered sold, and what percentage are shipped to AT&T and other carriers. If the apple shelves are a significant portion of the channel, then they sold more than the article is estimating, but if Apple retail stores are not part of the channel, then they have... I'm not sure...
I'm not gonna pretend that it doesn't suck, but there are a few minor improvements in there relative to OSX -- I wouldn't mind the feature where mousing over an app icon lets me pick between all the windows of that icon. I'm just saying, I hope Steve goes ahead and steals that one from Bill.
Actually, I tend to think of Shaw Wu as being about as accurate as being blindfolded, spun around and handed a dart to throw at a 2 foot diameter target 20 feet away. Shocking if it ever hits!
oooh, snappier!
I have to admit that the mass hating on a pretty awesome ad campaign is a bit silly. To be honest, I think that this may be the best product MS has put together in 10 years (not that I'm thinking of anything from ten years ago)... I really like the ads, they're much more fun than some hyperactive nutjob screaming about his furniture and eating raw onions (don't ask, but they're real ads).
does the bluetooth in the touch mean that the iphone can be used with the nike+ system? I just don't need a touch in addition to my iphone. I'm just not that needy (wanty, yes, needy, no).
What is getting me here is that the article refers to two analysts, one of which states that the touch wont sell, the other says it will. Nevertheless, the title of the article only refers to the idea that the touch wonts sell. did I mention that the analyst arguing for poor sales is Shawn Wu -- an analyst who has so consistently miscalled apple that I'm becoming convinced that he actually knows whats going to happen and is then intentionally misleading stockholders to...
Actually, that's what I think the whole point of this event is -- they've had Steve in super-fat camp (not the thinning kind) for a few months, and having thickened him up they need to trot him out and let us check out his healthiness. otherwise, this may be the first time I've ever felt any sense of agreement with Prince Wu.
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