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This sounds interesting, does anyone know whether these programs have an associated prorated data plan with them? Or any other special deal -- I work at a major university, and would be willing to wait a month before buying if it was going to save me bundles of cash (call me crazy).
Wow, that is something!
umm... how is this newsworthy? is it out of line with nearby retailers? is it an unusual level of power consumption? or is it just typical building codes for a retail outlet of that size? I have no idea, anyone have more of a clue?
You know, I just had an argument with a coworker about cell phone insurance. From what I understand, if you get your phone wet... at all, all bets are off. I just kinda think people are getting screwed with this -- I'm of the school of thought that you should always be self insured when you can afford it, if its profitable for the company, its gonna average out to profitable for you. oh, and first post, groovy.
what I hate about these kinds of threads is that they make me question the kinds of people I'm interacting with on these websites. I don't like the fact that I'm virtually hanging out with a bunch of bigots -- it is offensive. Similarly I avoid people I think are members of the KKK or american Nazi movement. but I like AI, so I'd prefer it if anyone who feels like spewing hate and intolerance for anyone please do so elsewhere. I prefer not to know what kind of people...
wow, guess I'm not suprised by all the controversy in these responses, but seriously - they're a company in the Bay Area, it would be foolish to be homophobic at a corporate level (actually, that statement needs no geographical location to ring true). as an investor, I'm happy whoever likes apple, so long as they show it with money!
Hot Diggity -- you're right, I just checked the US applestore too, not available is the watchword of the weekend! Tuesday, here it comes!!!!!
maybe Apple should just dip into that giant wad of cash they've got lying around and buy nintendo... all their games would become much more fun.
I gotta say, I like the idea of a smaller screen size -- the current form factor doesn't fit well into my pocket... and that really sucks, its my one great hold-out (that and my stupid sprint contract... june cannot come soon enough). Frankly, I would trade typing speed for pocket comfort -- especially if they added a proximity sensor that zoomed in on keys as your finger approached, so that you could type in comfort (is that even possible?).
I know, the more I think about it, the more it seems like a pretty complex issue. The thing is, I get about 20 letters/emails a day telling me about exclusive previews, special exclusive deals and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. and it feels cheap when I see them on a news site. I understand the point and the need, I really do, but it feels like its not news, it feels like advertising. The problem is that it doesn't happen enough to merit its own section, but if it was...
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