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If only I hadn't played with firecrackers as a kid, I wouldn't keep changing the volume when I click on a different file!
Hot Diggity! I've been waiting a long time for this. Does this mean that Apple is going to consider dropping prices on other ipods? Are we seeing the beginning of another wave of price slashes? Lower margins, maybe but I think it would be a nice response to the crapped-out economy.
oh, dear g-d. what was that post (see above), a little too much caffeine? Honestly, as an investor, I would trade ipods sales for computer sales any day of the week -- just look at the margins on computers! or maybe the numbers -- what percentage of apple's profit is from computer sales vs. ipod, despite nearly an order of magnitude difference in unit sales (I am making that figure up... too tired to do my homework). happy banc/bank bickering!
Call me crazy, but should a stock holder who only has 500 shares really be dictating this kind of thing? heck, I have 255 -- does this allow me to add proposals? because I'd like to force Apple to add a firewire 800 port to the macbook air....
yeah, I'm on the uninterested bandwagen too -- its gotta suck to try to come up with the little tidbit apple forgot.
I hate to admit it, but I think this dock looks like a terrible idea -- why should I buy another monitor that won't be the same size/height of the one I already have? If I'm doing the dual monitor thing, then I want a matched pair so it all has a similar feel (one big and one small makes it easy to "loose" open windows -- a minor but very irritating issue. I'd be happy with a single dongle that I plug into one port on my laptop and is hooked to everything else. there's...
I think you are either forgetting or intentionally leaving out one of the more famous college dropouts....didn't the leader of the evil empire fail to finish college?
Why doesn't my macbook float? I feel gypped....
I know that it may seem harsh that Apple is over pricing in Europe, but its for a very simple reason. They're blaming all of Europe for that old taxation without representation thing from way back when, and sticking it to all of you now.Actually, I'm guessing that there is either an import or export tax that someone is charging... you know, free trade and all....
Nahhh... I personally think that extrat 0.1" makes a huge difference!
New Posts  All Forums: