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How about an apple store in Bloomington Indiana?!? 40,000 undergrads deserves one!
my issue with this has nothing to do with my hopes or dream for the American economy. I just think that this is going to work every bit as crappily as big pharma outsourcing. It just hasn't been profitable for them in the vast majority of cases. My understanding is that outsourcing basic labor is fine (for example, big pharma asking for a library of 1,000 random compounds to fill out a patent), but when you need real quality control and creative input (in big pharma, the...
Dear China, we'll just default on our debt and destroy your economy, MAD still exists, but it's economy-based now!
It's a Twap! by having this injunction served against them, they can demonstrate anti-competitive activity and go after google. a booty twap.
If it didn't cost more than a third-world Kidney transplant, I'm guessing more people would be mac pros. I never understood why they couldn't sell it as an infinitely upgradeable tower with cheaper starting components to make it a more affordable computer, sometimes people don't need everything that the desktop tower has to offer to want one.
will it or will it not work on the iPhone 4?
maybe I've been reading the wrong articles, but my understanding was that the Coyote was the 7-incher and the Hollywood was the 10.1 My main interests are whether it's a simple color display, or have they figured out how to do e-ink in color. Makes a huge difference in terms of long-term reading comfort. Also, is it as light as a kindle? if not, it better be as fast as an iPad.
There is something deeply fishy with these reports. A Shift from 17 to 13 million is a huge alteration -- and not the kind of screw-up we've ever seen from Tim Cook. I can only imagine two possible explanations: 1. the report is complete BS spread by someone selling AAPL short. 2. they actually will update the iPad this quarter... something I highly doubt (they rarely deviate from their product release cycle that much, and would gain little as the iPad 2 is still...
I wonder what it's a prototype of... iPad 3? next gen macbook pro? iphone 5? Look! I just wrote a longer article that DED!!!!!
the way I see it, this is terrible advice. Nintendo is at heart a hardware company -- they make game consoles. If they started porting their most valuable property to other consoles, it would be the end of their own, particularly when Apple has such a huge head start. Much as I would love to play Super Mario on my phone, this would be an incredibly bad move for Nintendo... unless they're ready to throw in the towel and become a game design company and start competing...
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