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Thanks -- if I could rely on all my machines following that pattern, I'd switch. The thing is, I still use some older machines too (and I need to keep 2004 word functionality, stupid American Chemical Society!)
anyone else having issues where the directionality of scrolling on a mouse scroll-wheel seems to have reversed with Lion? I can't figure out how to flip it back. Everything else seems fine (although I was really annoyed to find my 2004 Word doesn't work anymore -- ACS journals require it for submission).
I'm calling BS. There is no reasonable way to confirm this, and since the serial number has been disclosed, if it was real, Apple Legal would already have tracked down the leak, closed the auction, and done god only knows what horrible thing to the leaker.
I still don't get why these companies don't make their cameras periscope-style to increase focal length -- you'd think that would help with these issues.
I'd prefer to have a manual way to rebuild my OS when it dies, rather than trying to deal with someone else holding on to the source files. Thanks anyway.
Given the timing and drastic size reduction, is there any reasonable way a person can hope that this doesn't have heat or battery issues? I mean, if it was that easy to make smaller, wouldn't they have done it that way originally? Apple has been pushing themselves to the limit to get to where they are on size.
Best argument yet for jailbreaking.
How does Bed Bath and Beyond fit with Apple's market strategy? is the ipad useful for preparing food or shaving?
I'm curious -- top 5% of customers... is that all customers, or only those with a data plan? or is it only those with a full data plan? you see, the top 5% of data users may very well equal the top 50% of smartphone data users... making this a huge impact. I'm just asking.
Dammit, I can't believe I panic-sold 125 shares at 327 (god only knows how I got hosed so badly -- the order went through in a hole this AM). oh well, paid 16/share, so I should cry too loudly.
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