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Maybe Apple didn't buy Palm because they were biding their time... maybe they're going to buy HP -- their market cap is only ~100 billion; Apple could get controlling share easy!
I wonder if he ever considered all those guys who use "pinch to zoom" to get a better look at a girl in a bar? that is likely a perfect example of "prior art" and it definately wasn't a special effect.
Those graphics are unsane.
Holy crap! I can't even begin to imagine who greenlighted that graphic! talk about a waste of money...
Maybe it will be called the pico?
Wow, someone forgot to even run spell-check this time. C'mon guys, I expect ESL students to do better!
Wow, they dropped developer prices to $99/year. don't developers get significant (way more than $99) discounts on hardware? seems like a nice little strategy for me next time I need to upgrade my hardware!
Personally, I think that the true replacement for DVD is Flash sticks -- reusable, stable and cheap. what's not to like?
Why is everyone else's viagra cheaper than their own?
I have to admit that I wouldn't mind some degree of regionality for apps -- seperate them by language, and for region-specific apps, allow searching by region! Let the developers designate where their apps go...
New Posts  All Forums: