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Why is everyone else's viagra cheaper than their own?
I have to admit that I wouldn't mind some degree of regionality for apps -- seperate them by language, and for region-specific apps, allow searching by region! Let the developers designate where their apps go...
Actually, I think that they might have a case about people being unable to unlock their phones. I just bought an iPhone4, and committed to AT&T for a 2-year contract... why can't I go to Europe, slip a sim card into the phone and use it there? I'm still paying the AT&T contract, and there is no technological reason I can't (the same model phone works just fine on Orange in the UK). I don't really think that kind of logic is what's motivating the people suing, but it is a...
what about Nigerians? can I get an app for being the long-lost heir to a fortune?
nicely written fluff piece. dude, try including some content and actually describing your experience. was there anything you liked (look, feel, weight in the hand). was there anything you disliked (it can't play all the music files itunes can handle, people bitch and moan about the antenna... although I haven't had any trouble, some of them have yellow spots on the screen, the glass on the back is different from the gorilla glass on the front and is likely to pick up...
Just to put this somewhere -- I got my phone ~20 min ago. Activation took ~ 5 min. Now its syncing all my apps and everything else, looks like this is going to be the longest step. so far, I don't see any evidence of the screen issues I've read about, but I'll know more when I can play with it.
I"ve noticed that my 3G is significantly more sluggish after the update. I like the folders, and I like the combined inbox, but I don't know if I'd say it was worth it.
I would also like to see some low-light shots to get a sense of how versatile this camera is -- my 3G takes lovely pictures in broad daylight!
The system at the AT&T store I went to was down to (remote store in Bloomington IN), they were doing paper orders, and said it was a system-wide failure. They also said that they'd had 20 customers so far as of 11AM, at least one of which ordered 10 phones. I suspect that this is going to be a record-breaking launch.
but the real question is... will it blend? really, if they can't manage consistency with two of the major browsers out there, what exactly are they doing? Considering what they charge for most of their development software, you'd expect all of their software to be extremely well-maintained.
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