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I am really excited about it -- if it was onsale today (instead of June 24), I would go get it now. rright now. Just ditch the meeting I have in 7 min and go. but it isn't, so I'm gonna whine about my one complaint: only 32G. I waited 2 years and only am getting 32G. The touch has had 64G for a year; I'd cheerfully pay an extra $50 for 64G. (grumble, grumble)
I wouldn't mind if this thing worked like a notepad -- so you could sit back in your chair and sketch notes, drawings and the like into your computer. It would be a lovely thing when working on a proposal at the early stages, or when doing corrections of a document. just my thoughts (I work in organic chemistry, to interfacing images and text is key to me)
I thought that there was a survey recently that showed they already had... something from an ad company I think... anyone remember that? tanked the stock something awful.
Actually, that's good for android, 7% of 28 is more than 14% of 9.over time, it means that the iPhone will have double the market share of android (ignoring all other factors), but that would be a significant erosion compared to the current ratio.
they kindly changed the title to be less misleading -- something I highly approve of (thanks), but I can see how it would be really confusing to you. and, yep, as an AAPL stock holder, 8% is huge to me!
Seriously?!? How can you put such a misleading title on the article... and why? 8% adoption is huge, but at the same time, the title implies that OSX is blowing the snot out of M$, when it is nearly an order of magnitude less! why why why???
why didn't they call it gTunes?
I'm just hoping it kills my terrible mouse issues... (stupid mouse settings change for ~3s every time I switch between programs)
I've seen alot of these comparisons of the global suicide rate vs. foxconn's suicide rates -- the difference being that at foxconn all suicides are employed adults. What are the statistics for suicides among employed adults? I would suspect that it is lower than the global suicide rate -- if only because unemployment is often a major driver for suicide.
The MSDS form for n-hexane does not list any neurological effects from exposure in lab animals, but there are plenty of other bad effects (liver damage, cancer, lung damage, skin irritation, bad for fishes, etc). If workers drinking the stuff is an issue, use isopropanol, its much cheaper than n-hexane, has a limited level of toxicity, is better blocked by simple latex gloves, and is more oleophobic than ethanol, making it a lovely compromise... not that it's without...
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