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What is the last thing Google did that wasn't directly derivative from Apple? Is Apple the Xerox of the 21st century?
I'm wondering how those state-by-state numbers look when normalized for population... 0.03% in Wyoming might be near complete market penetration!
Noooooooo!!!!! Apple must stay clear of the Hellmouth!!! (yes, I know its Sunnydale)
This next-gen phone sounds amazing... too amazing. I hope Gruber is right, but I suspect a significant quantity of this is a wish-list... But I really, really hope that it isn't!!!! I'm seriously due for a refresh -- my 3G is starting to loose pixels (4 down), and that isn't being helped by a near-continuous dropping experience (I keep dropping it, not calls).
Hmmm... National Geographic electronic edition... I thought Apple was cutting down on porn!
I wouldn't be suprised to see the band across the screen when your multi-tasking that takes you to a multi-item list. That said, I would also want a task manager that would allow me to pause some tasks so that they go on hiatus when I'm not using them so that I could save on battery life. I also like the four-finger tap idea. overall, lots of good options, really I'm just waiting for the 4G to come out so I can justify replacing my 3G -- its starting to get seriously...
I think this award was all about his choice of a snazzy top hat in NYC.
so...um... what went wrong? Sometime I wonder whether they intentionally leave a few key details out when they make the announcement, so that everyone can freak out about how there isn't a camera, then, "oops" there is one!
as a chemist who has regularly worked with hexanes and related chemicals, there are both many ways to avoid safety issues with this chemical (gloves and masks, for example), and many safer options (check out heptane, as a really obvious example)... of course, the issue is that these measures cost money, and these companies have to play by the same else they get washed out by the competition. Accordingly, either China needs to set some standards (yeah right), or someone...
The thing that kills me about this is the following: I barely use my phone for voice outside of calling my girlfriend (who is also on AT&T), therefore, I rarely use more than ~150 minutes a month... I don't want a cheaper unlimited plan, I want a cheaper/fewer minutes plan! I use alot of data, so $30/month for data is fine, but I would be ecstatic to pay 20/month for 200 minutes (I have an office phone and work 12 h/day). its all just a silly way to take my...
New Posts  All Forums: