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Hey, when is Apple going to set up a built-in iphone emulator into OSX so that I can play various silly games on my computer (use the mouse or trackpad as interface)? it just seems like a good way to get EA and everyone else happily developing games for mac...
Huh, I hadn't realized that my issues were general -- my phone is getting old and beatup (I already knocked off the silent/vibrate button about 4 months ago -- now the phone is on permavibrate... kindof a plus if you ask me), but I thought it just meant that my phone was dying a slow and agonizing death. I'm glad to see that it was the software, and am excited to see an update!
the problem is that 1998 is when the patent was granted, not when it was applied for. They do consider prior art, either prior to granting the patent, or certaintly when it goes to trial. In this case, the prior art likely came after the initial patent application. Yes its a very general concept (now), but it wasn't in the early 90's and maybe these are the guys who figured out how to do it.
I know... I seriously feel for Steve on this one.
I hate to say it, but I think I'm gonna side with AT&T here -- you really can't demand legal control to give you open access to work against your competition, but then claim exclusive indepence from the regulations that bind them. It just isn't fair competition.
ok, I've been noticing a recurrent tendency lately in AI articles to imply knowledge of something, but not actually spell it out, so that those of us who aren't avidly drooling over every rumor have to guess at what you are talking about. This is a freakin' news site, not a game show or puzzlebox. stop wasting our time with tantalizing bits of fluff -- if you know something, say it. if you suspect something, say it and provide appropriate caveats. if you suspect something...
sounds good! I like seeing my stock prices rise for no relevant reason whatsoever! W00T!
speaking as someone with a wee bit more experience with theft than I care to explain in a court of law, thieves rarely run after a theft. It draw attention. If you look at ease and like you're going about your business, people don't even notice you -- best way in the world to avoid witnesses. the only exception is the random purse-snatcher... but if they've just snatched your purse, having a phone in the purse going, "WooOOOoooOOOOoooOOO" isn't really going to cause...
does this mean that I can listen to the new nano's without headphones? Despite the low quality, I've really enjoyed that ability with my iPhone, and would consider that a significant bonus to the nano... when are they going to stick a phone in one of these? Just adding calling ability and nothing more...
crazy, those technical issues must have been horrible... I wonder what went wrong?
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