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I've been reading AI since 2006 when I first switched to a Mac, and today marks the last day I will visit the site. The new layout is poor enough but bearable, but this quote:...from DED's article on iOS maps not being as bad as all us ungrateful customers claim, was the last staw.As a resident of one of those "remote islands" I find his remark offensive and xenophobic. I'm sure wallowing around San Fransisco capturing screenshots on his iPhone must be this hack's dream...
When you're a blogger riding on the coat-tails of a successful company little details like that don't matter - hey, I wonder if that's what Apple thinks of major UK towns being in the wrong place on their map - a little detail that doesn't matter?Well said. No number of pretty screenshots can paper over the fact that the new Maps app is unfinished at best. It should clearly be labelled Beta.I never thought I'd say this because I hate reading it, but can you imagine Steve...
Only DED can call major towns being in the wrong place "relatively insignificant." Presumably the laughable search results are "a minor hiccup"?
Built-in navigation should be fine, it just won't take you to the correct location...A company with $100bil in the bank should be able to do a better job than this. This isn't a simple bug, this is inaccurate map data coupled with a borked search algorithm.
I'm still gnashing my teeth at the use of the term "colorway". Pretentious even for AI.
Second mic, like the iPhone.
Bitter Fandroid who can't accept a positive review.
You keep throwing this out in the hope that you become correct. If the Krait uses the A15 instruction set (the term "A15-class chip" is just a BS term) - which you acknowledge - then it is by definition NOT an A15 chip. It's someone's implementation of the A15 instruction set, which you could replicate with a breadboard and a soldering iron - but you would not have an A15 chip. The article remains correct in that the iPhone 5 has the first shipping A15 processor - it is...
Too many scrolly things going on, and it's too narrow - 800x600 displays went out with Windows 95.
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