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I get that DDG isn't as powerful, but 95% of my searches are pretty darn basic, so it works for me as it would for most people, at least stateside. With all these search engines (and maps), the more people use it the smarter it gets, so might as well use it when you can. There might be more technical, foreign or academic queries where DDG wouldn't cut it, yet.
 I haven't tried any adblockers yet, so can't comment on that. 
Duck Duck Go works just fine on my desktop and phone. I like being able to support them without feeling like I'm taking a hit in the process.
Good question. And if implementing an iAd only system is deemed too exclusive, what about some sort of Ad Community Association that has a binding code of conduct that would let people trust what they're serving. A publication could let it be known that the only ads that they serve are from members and it would include some sort of page view max quota, such as 1 or 2, based on screen size. 
I'd be willing to pay a modest subscription fee for AppleInsider news if it would change its bad habits. I check it just about every day to see what the daily hubbub is. On my desktop, the site occasionally appears to hang after loading all the ads, with the content area blank until I force a reload. Pain in the keister.   If an online publisher could get some people to pony up and pay while also cutting down on intrusive ads, data hogging ads, tracking ads,...
 A truly self-driving car will not be here within 10 years, however, a lot of the tech that such a car brings with it will be incorporated into earlier cars to a great extent. Transitional cars ... this is only common sense. I like to consider Project Titan Steve Jobs last vision. Rumors about his interest in doing a car go way back to the early iMac days and there were some meetings with Volkswagen back around 2005 or 2006. 
Effective trailer. Who is the character that Kate Winslet playing? I've been absolutely uninterested in Jobs bio-pics, and thought Walter Issacsons biography was flat. This is the Hollywood treatment but with Danny Boyle directing might just tempt me.
As these weren't FRAND patents, I never understood why it was even in question. Why did this take so long?   The horse has left the barn in a lot of ways, but on principal this strikes me as the correct decision. 
With regards to lyrics I honestly don't know, but assuming this is considered a commercial use, then I imagine that there would be a cost to someone streaming them as part of a subscription service. Just guessing though.    But when it comes to any copyrighted photos, most definitely.  
A couple things that I would like to see unveiled as part of the new Apple TV are visual tie-ins with the new Apple Music service.    For instance, a visual show related to the artist that you are listening to, esp if your playlist is comprised entirely of or predominantly of that artist. Other options could include visual related to the era of the music, the genre of the music, etc. I'm thinking mostly of band photos, concert shots, publicity shots, related artists and...
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