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Getting a paper version of the Sunday NYT delivered to our door in Seattle is one of the weekends little pleasures. For those who do this, nothing changes. Those who just browse a few times a week, likewise not affected since 20 visits per month are gratis. Those who use it a lot online only will have to decide if all news is created equal and if so, they will just move to other sites for daily reading. Likewise, they won't be affected since they see no difference...
[QUOTE=AaronJ;1829325 I do have to be careful where I point the remote, though, as my iMac is at a ~90-deg. angle from where my ATV2 is. A couple times I was trying to play a movie, and the Beatles started playing. [/QUOTE] If you take a moment to pair your remote to the Apple TV, that annoying problem disappears ... Just look under settings and then remotes ... Your remote will then only work on that Apple TV, no mater what other iDevices are around.
'Restricting access to OX X as well ...' ? What are you talking about, this appears nonsensical as are your fears.
That's rather ridiculous, you can currently buy anything you'd like using Apples OS platform without a cent going to Apple, on the web that is. Not saying that 30% is the right or wrong percentage, but charging for something on a purchase via iTunes is a different proposition. You don't seem to understand retailing, online or otherwise. An art gallery gets 50% of every sale, Amazon gets 70% of publications subs, etc. 30% as a flat rate is pretty reasonable in...
OK, I don't happen to own a Kindle, but can Apple get their iBook app on there and sell their titles to Kindle owners with no cut to Amazon once someone is in the app? Just curious, like I said, don't own one. That would be telling though.edit: Just using the Amazon Marketplace as an overall analogy, I realize that this is less about books and all about subs. Publishers selling magazine make the lions share of their money with ads, of course.
How about if Apple charged the same fee that Amazon charges independent bookstores in their Marketplace program for sales of books found through the Amazon website. These same bookstores sometime have their own sites and/or list through ABE. What's the cut for Amazon in that case, just the cost of processing the payment? ... somehow, I doubt that.
No ... you're talking about in-app purchases. From people who have already purchased an app from the iTunes store. That customer was sourced by Apple, and the developer, customer and Apple benefitted. And the process was quick and in most cases less costly than any other method of distribution known before. Now you're saying that once the developer has the customer in the app, that the relationship with Apple is over, but there is continued value to you from your...
What is the percentage that Amazon takes from an outside, independent Amazon Marketplace vendor accessed through their site? Anyone know? Can I install an iBook app on my Kindle and make iBook purchases on my Kindle with no money at all flowing to Amazon? ... well?
I challenge you to show me a system where a writer, author or publisher would get more than 70%, excepting from their own website. And of course, Apple is not taking away that ability in any way. In traditional publishing, there are far more hands out to get paid along the way. If they want to get their 100% they can invest in the advertising, though whatever media, to get the word out. That costs significant bucks by the way.
Not many credit card companies deliver new customers and deliver the goods to your doorstep. They just process a sale that someone else has worked to achieve.
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