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... don't quit your day job if you're thinking about going into UI design!
The article does say that and I think that it is a valid point for some but I think a major unstated motive for releasing such a size is the price umbrella. Smaller iPad size, lower iPad price ... more sales and throwing a bit of a block to lower priced competitors who will release their own smaller/lighter tablets for less ...
I only bother to look at the big, chunky numbers and in the last few quarters we've finally seen the international sales numbers overtake domestic totals, for the very first time. I've been waiting for this literal tipping point and it bodes very well for the company as a whole. I read it as the rest of the world (which is a heck of a lot bigger than us), discovering Apple ... for real. And that is where the big time growth is going to come from.
... great, we need all the also-rans that we can get. Who else wants to play? The Barnes and Noble smartphone ...? Then, next year ... Starbucks Phoniccino!
Gianduia ... rhymes with 'what's it to'ya' Love the food combo - hazelnut and dark chocolate. Very popular in Torino, where they lay a local claim to it. Combine with cappuccino and java (a bit redundant) and you've got yourself a serious food high.
That strikes me a good move on their part. Despite its ability to rally iPad haters, having a wide physical gutter splitting two small screens is just dumb. Who cares if you can fold it, you've just hobbled your screen real estate in a major way. Old paradigm.
It would have been annoying even way back then!
If they're going to reveal names and all, why spill the name of the guy who flubbed up and not the notorious opportunist who fenced it. That's the name I want to see in print.
Felony crime, felony time ... After due process, natch. And no reason you can't blog from behind bars I suppose.
a quote from the NYT article today ...
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