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Besides text books for schools I wonder if they could get that going for a retail e-book, or an audio version that expires after say, a week. Haven't seen much speculation of this type but it would certainly spur sales if they could get publishers on board.
I say ... bring the Bing. I've tried using it for some of my image searches that I use in my work ... I actually like it better for that than Google. I would prefer less clutter in the home screen though. In addition, Eric Schmidt would appear to be a slimy weasel so why continue to shovel them all the support?
Not necessarily ... look no further than Apples various campaigns to see examples of ads which can amuse or inspire. Definitely exceptions though. I DO always love it when Jobs starts trashing a category in the market or culture, usually means that an Apple initiative is in the offing.
[ .... Apple has some serious catching-up to do if it wants to compete in the future.[/QUOTE] < ... rolls eyes ....>
I'm certainly not talking about betting against it, au contraire ... my comment was in response to the initial comment by SpamSam implying that the Tablet would need to cure cancer or something to live up to the hype (...and succeed?). When Jobs introduced the iPhone he set the hurdle of of 10 million units in the first year. Should be interesting to see if he, or whoever introduces it, makes any sort of prediction at all about sales targets. Haven't seen much along...
Eh, the tablet will have a hard row to hoe, a success launch might lead to sales of what ... 1.5 - 3 million units in the first year? Sure, everyone is curious about it, but I haven't seen much hype about land office sales like the iPhone had. That said, Apples ongoing success hinges on continued uptake of Apples existing line-up of products and continued updates to them.
[QUOTE=All iPhone OS Cocoa apps being multi-touch ready will be designed to work in standard OS X for Tablets--a streamlined version of OS X with multi-touch is what I suspect Apple Engineering is finalizing.[/QUOTE] So, would such a device be considered a Mac Tablet and as such, a Mac variant and so part of the quarterly Mac unit sales count? Netbooks are counted as PC sales, yes? So, I would hope that a Mac tablet would count as a Mac sale. Not sure why, but...
I trust that whatever the tablet thingie turns out to be and however many end up being sold, that they will be counted as MacOS units in the quarterly count-off.
I rather suspect that this is a question not of whether to pay 'something' but rather about how much is fair. Perhaps Nokia is trying to base the royalties on a percentage of the total cost of the iPhone while Apple is saying that it would only pay based on the slice of the cost that is relevant to the patents - the telephony, (without going into all the fine technical details). What part of the cost of an iPhone is attributable to the iPod, browser, camera, other apps...
<[QUOTE=RoboNerd;1505960]Well let's see... does it have the appearance of a blatant copy of the Apple store paradigm? You bet. Did Apple come up with the idea of a botique store for electronics? Nope.> No one quibbles with whether others have opened boutique electronic stores first, but there is a serious question of copying a competitors trade dress. Not sure if MS will follow through with their threat to put these right next to existing Apple stores but if...
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