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I challenge you to show me a system where a writer, author or publisher would get more than 70%, excepting from their own website. And of course, Apple is not taking away that ability in any way. In traditional publishing, there are far more hands out to get paid along the way. If they want to get their 100% they can invest in the advertising, though whatever media, to get the word out. That costs significant bucks by the way.
Not many credit card companies deliver new customers and deliver the goods to your doorstep. They just process a sale that someone else has worked to achieve.
Agree with what you say, except that part about Steve Jobs ... he will be what people will remember even if he just has a cameo ... that's just the nature of his star power on stage now. Love that date - 1/1/11 ... I guess they want to be #1 ...
Your first pocket comment seemed to be serious but now you seem to be joking ... can't quite tell where you are on this. What's obvious is that corporate types don't stuff their precious gizmos in their pockets, they carry the appropriate case for the item and protect them accordingly. That is if you are using the thing for presentations, meetings, and the like. If RIMM thinks that the ability to jam a Playbook in a coat pocket is going to gain them corporate customers,...
(Well, after looking at the Madrid High Court campus, I guess I should eat those words. Beautiful building.)[/QUOTE] Compare building skin to the Seattle Central Library by REM Koolhaas ... a wonderful forward looking building that is also highly functional and humanistic ... Actually, with a name like that, I wonder if Koolhaas was on the shortlist.
The Disney feel struck me immediately too and made me smile given Jobs role at Disney itself. Apple is one of the few business entities carrying the design world utopia banner that had been Walts way back in the early sixties. My young mind really latched onto those images but it all fizzled in the low-brow, oil crisis, downer seventies ... Still, this should be a beautiful project, pleasant place to work and hopefully an renewable energy showcase. One thing for sure, in...
In this case, I think they mean that 600,000 are in the channel, not all in end-users hands yet. Big difference but a common way to skew your numbers to the upside, and raise some eyebrows, they hope, along the way. That said, its certainly a big number out if the gate and they have a good chance of selling through all those units in the holiday season.
Thanks Bugs and NasserAe, I had never even noticed that button in the Mail window ... solves the problem. I've calmed down ... But I still think that they should put this ability back within iPhoto. At least they got it right on the iPhone.
Yes, or attach from within the Mail program, but I haven't found a way to conveniently rescale the photos on the fly, the way you used to be able to from within iPhoto. Am I missing something here ...?RIght now if I drag a 1.4 MB photo to Mail, that is the size that it goes out, and that large of a file is too big for 'most of the time' uses for me. They had an easy way before, why would they take it away? No sense.
If they would only please add back the simple ability to e-mail photos in a size of ones choosing and without forcing you to use one of the cosmetic, stationary layouts, I might even be happy with the update. As it is, I'm pissed! Don't remove basic everyday functionality in lieu of new fancier features.
New Posts  All Forums: