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That strikes me a good move on their part. Despite its ability to rally iPad haters, having a wide physical gutter splitting two small screens is just dumb. Who cares if you can fold it, you've just hobbled your screen real estate in a major way. Old paradigm.
It would have been annoying even way back then!
If they're going to reveal names and all, why spill the name of the guy who flubbed up and not the notorious opportunist who fenced it. That's the name I want to see in print.
Felony crime, felony time ... After due process, natch. And no reason you can't blog from behind bars I suppose.
a quote from the NYT article today ...
OMG, are those real ... as in reached market?
I think that is a flat out daft terrible idea. Unless and until one company wields monopoly power over the smart phone market (I don't even foresee that as happening, ever), the courts have absolutely no business in such a debate. That is what markets are for and consumers will decide this with their wallets. Besides, King Solomon has bigger fish to fry.
Who said you can't make calls from it ?? ... of course you can. Not that that is the reason that I or most people would get one, but Skype should work just fine ...
Its got to be pretty harsh to read comments from your ex-mistress in the press making you sound like a hapless dweeb. All's fair in love and war and all but the way that Goog went about this really sounds like duplicity; utterly shameful and par for the course.
Word has arrived that he has passed on this morning. It did sound dire. Condolences to his family.
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