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Undeniable ... freaking beautiful design, technically and aesthetically. Aggressive pricing but most people are going to opt for more storage and so they probably won't sell many at the low entry point pricing. Funny part is that I'll probably still opt for a new MacBook Pro on my next laptop, since I want the extra power/options.
Indeed, rare ... and the frankness is welcome. Even if he has already made statements in earlier interviews to this effect, I think it's a breath of fresh air. Would love to see some ousted politicians be so forthcoming with their failures ... And I doubt that he sought out Leander at Cult of Mac just to expound on the trouble his CE(g)O-mania got him into, probably the other way around, but the article doesn't say either way.
I think the smaller version iPhone will happen ... stripped down for kids and seniors ... But they're confusing the larger version with the smaller iPad ...
What I recall is that CoverFlow was acquired from third party developers by Apple. How does that work a few years down the road when it turns out that the work isn't wholly owned by the party that you are buying it from? Aren't the originals owners who benefited also libel for any infringement? My fav quote from the article are from the last sentence ... "The patents were originally filed for by Yale professor David Gelernter in 1999, who said he believes Apple's...
I GB of RAM .. what's up with that? A typo or ... ?
Well, by now he's 45 and worth 13 billion and change ... ... but whats a few billion among fellow CEOs? Your point is taken. Maybe he could use some of that wealth, wipe out his old identity, get a fresh start and save himself all the embarrassment.
Have they really done the math? ... sure they will not make as much per show when someone rents it but don't they think that a lot more people will jump at rent the show or renting a season to more than make up for the loss of show sales? ... they can always change their mind after they see what happens with Disney shows, etc. and I rather suspect that they will. The only shows that I've purchased are those that my kids get repeat viewings out of ... my wife and I...
Predicting these huge moves is a sloppy art, but these figures are certainly plausible. I think that as a percentage the Apple will be in 2014, but still a smaller part compared to commodity (read low margin) smartphone makers. Interestingly, their graph shows Apples percentage of the market barely moving as the market balloons. Apples goal in not to dominate, as it did freakishly with the iPod, but to maintain its premium position. But that said, the whole...
With 160 million paying users, the iTunes audience is off to a very good start, even if its a fraction of the Facebook half billion. I think that this will be the basis for strong Apple based social network to which they will add services over time and that will only build more brand loyalty and stickiness down the road. Only surprised that they didn't do this at least a year ago.
... don't quit your day job if you're thinking about going into UI design!
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