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Dis-information campaign in full swing now ...
I'd connect the two ideas - the wristband device, besides whatever else it would do, is packed with sensors and works with Apple TV full screen gaming, ala Nintenedo Wii, only way more data points. 
Some reading this reading revealed that Greenlight has had some of its short position bets explode this quarter. Not doubting the 'sincerity' underlying this guys lawsuit, but could it just be a desperation move trying to offset some large losses in other holdings?  ... naw, that would never happen ... 
  A corporation goes public to raise capital in order to grow, not to 'increase shareholder wealth'. Shareholders do hope that their investment will reap rewards with regards to reselling their shares or in dividends. If increasing shareholder wealth becomes the primary aim of the corporation, I predict that it will fail due to mismanagement or because a more forward thinking company makes it obsolete. 
It's one thing to use the media to press your position on company management, its quite another to sue them for not doing what in your opinion is the right move.    I have no idea how a suit like this gets resolved or what the precedents are, but I think it's BS.  I support Apples' management team to pursue their very long range objectives for the company. So far, so good for them.  Secrecy is part and parcel of the companys MO and crucial to certain key components...
one word -    don'tnoain'tgonna
    Older units = lower cost to consumer so lower gross revenues per unit, but higher margins on the unit.
Meanwhile, Wall Street somehow pins Apples price on todays option expiry date right below $500. Not exactly a glide path, but neatly done.   I get the sentiment manipulation with the articles in the press, but I don't get how they steer the price in cases like this. Naturally, I don't touch options ...
Amazing, they seem determined to pin Apples price to $500 at options expiry tomorrow and it looks like they'll pull it off. So glad that I don't play the short term game, there is no way you can fight these kind of shenanigans. 
Wow, from the leader of the company with the biggest case of Copyitis ever. Me thinks the fellow is feeling a little defensive about all that. 
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