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Looking up historical records, IBM comes up as having had the largest modern, (recent), market cap value when adjusted for inflation. That was in the 1970's and would be approx 1.3 trillion in todays dollars. So Apple would have to double from here to eclipse that.
 Which is why I hope at least that local municipalities will soon be able to provide internet access to all citizens as utilities do. Keeping the monopoly in publicly answerable hands is a good solution to aim for. Seattle owns its electric utility and is responsible for the mountain dams that provide the power. A few  misguided efforts to privatize never got very far, thank god. Seattle and Portland have both attempted to provide internet already but cable companies have...
Phsst …  revenue is up 12% YoY, and EPS is up 20% YoY.  I'll take that any day. Far more important than any one product stat, even the iPhone, despite people who try to paint Apple as a one trick pony. 
Even his analogy rings wrong - flat out lifting an iPad and paying nothing. Not saying that I support his argument but if I understand his position, it would be more analogous to someone going to an Apple store, selecting a $400 iPad and paying $370 for it and leaving the store, even though it wasn't on discount. He wasn't paid nothing for his work, just less that he thinks he wouldn't gotten if the companies hadn't colluded.   I think that the companies were mostly...
 Most people consider a iPad a laptop surrogate, but no one in their right mind considers a dumb phone to be a PC. I mean no one … ever.
I'm really hoping that Apple wins all these damages and more.   Not only do they deserve it, but it might​ almost cover the damages that they could be owing from their portion of the class action, anti-poaching lawsuit!
Long over due, hoping this rumor is true and that springtime is the launch date.
This whole case truly makes my head spin. Going to the WSJ and reading the comment section there is mostly an exercise in the vast spectrum of political spin doctoring leaning heavily toward the side of 'well, all those SV democrats supported Obama so I hope they finally learn but I doubt it' kind of thing. At least one very serious commenter believes that Bromwich is also empowered to determine why Apples hardware 'costs so much more than the market average'.   I find...
> ahem <   Boo, Hiss!   There, I voted my shares.   The man cares only about the short term profit and then he is gone. 
    Given the context, I think you mean zenith?
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