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Designers Needed - Minimum 5 years experience doing 'flat' at a professional level. 
Thats big news regarding Scott. Apparently not well liked but he goes waaaay back with Jobs and Next. Seems like he's done a heck of a job shepherding iOS into full bloom. Hope that this was born of his own need to start something new, something that will dovetail with Apple in a good way.    ... or maybe just some r & r ...
For her birthday, my fourteen year old daughter wants to go to see the Dylan concert this weekend. Bought the tickets online ... LiveNation or whatever. They charge you an extra premium ($2.50)  on top of all the other crazy fees for the privilege of printing the tickets out at home on a letter sized piece of paper that is mostly ads that they have sold to local restaurants, etc.  I would have loved to have been able to use Passbook for this. But I wonder, this company...
One gauge I'm using to see how they are responding to problem reports is to visit the Hoover Dam occasionally, in 3D mode. The collapsed highway bridge there got a fair amount of the early press as an illustration of some of the problems in the Map App. As of this morning, it's still sagging like a rubber hose. Perhaps there are more pressing problems with maps, but I would expect them to assign these well publicized glitches a higher priority. 
The courtesy of an apology is a good touch given that some people got upset. For myself, I suppose I find Steetview more useful than Turn by Turn, but that said, I am totally on board with Apples new product. I prefer the look of it already, have noticed the speed, added functions, etc and look forward to regular improvements and updates. It was really an untenable situation for them. This had to be done and some crowd sourced improvements is a major way that this stuff...
All their shareholders just made a 66% gain in a single day ...    Good luck finding someone to pity them for not making enough.   Lawyer trolls ...
Sounds to me like grounds for recusal.
Exactly, for a company like HP - damned if you go with Android, damned if you go with Microsoft ... a fine kettle of fish that they find themselves in.    Best thing you can say about this situation for them is that Apple and Foxconn can't make enough iPads fast enough to satisfy demand, so there will be a market for others. But that's hardly a basis for a thriving market with decent margins.
 ... and in a related interview later that day the Samsung spokesperson said that the lawsuit strategy against Apple was going 'very smooth ...'
... wow, is that real or is someone having some photoshop fun?
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