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Exactly, for a company like HP - damned if you go with Android, damned if you go with Microsoft ... a fine kettle of fish that they find themselves in.    Best thing you can say about this situation for them is that Apple and Foxconn can't make enough iPads fast enough to satisfy demand, so there will be a market for others. But that's hardly a basis for a thriving market with decent margins.
 ... and in a related interview later that day the Samsung spokesperson said that the lawsuit strategy against Apple was going 'very smooth ...'
... wow, is that real or is someone having some photoshop fun?
... and how is that different from say, having a conversation with someone sitting in the back seat of the car as you drove? Research would probably indicate that that is a distraction too, but no worse.
The maps look great ... I do use street view on a semi-regular basis so I hope that something like that is coming.    All in all, a monster presentation. Some great stuff here ... way too much to digest in one sitting.    Where's my sifter?
So let me guess ... Greenpeace goes 'public' with this chastisement, garnering some publicity among their faithful but uninformed supporters. Then when Apples renewable energy investments (under construction as we speak) come online in the fall or whenever, then Greenpeace makes a proud announcement that their public campaign of shame has worked again. Even though those initiatives (solar and fuel cell) were announced by Apple last year. I'm all for cleaner energy,...
Thus endth both the entertainment and journalist careers of Mike Daisey. Never really passed the smell test, but managed to do a lot of damage ... He got his start doing a 'tell all' show based on a stint at Amazon, disappeared and then resurfaced with the perfect publicity grabbing show that cashed in on the name of Steve Jobs, much like the 'click bait' articles used to turn up on the web ad nauseum before Jobs died. Very calculated ... After This American Life...
Not a bad take except I don't think they ever worried about Apple launching their own proprietary ad service. Apple had never shown any interest in doing that and has striven, on the desktop at least, to offer ad-free environments and products as one of the benefits of the Apple eco-system. But perhaps they viewed Apple as too powerful middle person between them and the search data that iOS users represented that they'd be better off trying to siphon some of those users...
I concur. So insecure and overreaching, and in the process fouling their own nest. I would hate to be at a company that depended on advertising to keep it all afloat. But how else to you monetize search and not annoy people? Thats been their problem from day one. I have no answer to that.
I do see them referring to basing the fee on an 'industry average sales price for a basic (voice/data) communications device' ... This is not quite what you are saying, this is an 'industry average' based on something 'basic' ... but perhaps is referencing that as the industry average price of the completed device that utilizes the chipset in question. So you have a point, but there seems to be a big difference. Anyway, I'll leave it to the lawyers now. And I did get...
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