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Steve - in the end you were the more insanely great than any of your creations. Hope you don't mind if you continue to be one of my heroes. You've inspired and helped me in so many ways. And thanks for answering that one e-mail I sent you ... that was an awesome touch.
Apple has to stay on their toes, no doubt. But a Nook killer does not a iPad killer make. Tiny size, no app eco-system, low memory ... it just isn't a true competitor, but it is a tablet so sales will be lumped into the tablet column. Won't take the rumble out of Apples juggernaut. Apple has the ability to launch a similar low power, undersized tablet any time they want to. I suspect that they have a lot of prototypes around and continue to update them. I rather suspect...
Nice summation. Apple sticks to their guns, Samsung acts defiant, arrogant and stupid. I hope Apple prevails and that Samsung pays the price. But this whole thing is part of the culture of moving production overseas to exploit cheap labor markets. Chinas MO for a long time now has been a tit for tat that calls for companys to transfer patent technology to them in exchange for both moving production facilities there and also to be able to sell to their enormous population....
... and if Larry Ellison has his way, that will only exacerbate the situation, tablet-wise, at the risk of stating the obvious.
Wow, really, I would have thought that Apple had both these bases (japanese and chinese character input) covered. Its a natural. Don't have any first hand experience though ... anyone else know whats out there for japanese character recognition using a touchscreen?
Steve - Your leadership and vision have been second to none. I hope that you can have more time with your family now, and that your health by some miracle improves. You've been my inspiration, you've shown us a future that 'just works'. Thank you always.
[QUOTE=ash471;1921684 In short, it may benefit Google to lose market share.[/QUOTE] I guess that would be the version where it's a win/win, since that would definitely benefit Apple. Aa would having a competitor who is playing for the high margin iPhone clones, thereby supporting Apple prices, instead of the BOGO spawn strategy.
You mean these court decisions actually have teeth? Well, blow me over ...
Not saying that there isn't some truth in what he says given the current state of affairs what with patent warfare and rampant patent troll extortion. That said, the quote above really comes across as sour grapes for a company that established the stalking horse bid and constantly extolls the benefits of 'openness' and 'innovation' while stoking the fires of the Android copy machine.
And yet, per Erics own mouth, Jobs gave him the mother of all tongue lashings for copying the Iphone, once Android was revealed. Eric was either at Burning Man or on his way at the time ... If, as you claim, Apple was well aware of Googles 'borrowing' of the iPhone look and feel for Android before it was released, that wouldn't make much sense. But sure, the story is more nuanced than the simple theft. Making outrageous statements like Eric just did takes that nuance...
New Posts  All Forums: