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Ugh, not to be that guy, but to those who are complaining of the sleep button relocating to the east side: You're holding it wrong.
Just gotta add that the Spigen Neo Hybrid Case is the cheapest, best looking case. I have it and it works fine, calling back elements of the design while keeping it as thin as possible. http://www.amazon.com/iPhone-Case-Spigen-Hybrid-4-7-Inch/dp/B00LL6ZPXY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1411307460&sr=8-1&keywords=spigen iPhone 6 case
If you can't read it, this block of concrete says Retail Storefront Apple Georgetown. I'm just furthering proof that the Apple store in Georgetown DC is being built.
Trying it out on 2.5 Ghz 17" Macbook Pro (made just before the unibodies). So far: \The track pad zooming could be a little more accurate. It is far easier to just use the command -/+ The fact that when you zoom, it zooms the page, not just the text. This is excellent for people who have the 17" laptop screens, are at the highest display settings, and can't see the tiny text. Usually I would have to zoom the text and it would mess up the format of some pages. ...
That's funny that I should read this article today after my system just had a video glitch this morning. The thing though is that mine is a 17" 2.5 MBP and it was the first time it happened. Basically after the battery died and after a night of charging it, when I turned it on it gave me this static distorted color. I'm guessing that it was more so a boot up error or something like that. But should I still get it checked?
I remember last time there was an Apple announcement to make, people were hyping it up like crazy only to be let down. Should we continue this hype up? In reality I'm speculating that they're just going to change the covering the macbook, give it some upgraded options and make it cheaper, not really giving any other real new hardware functions. I'll gladly eat my words when they release anything more than that.
Am I the only one here that thinks that the new headphones are a big deal? Or the fact that the iPod Touch and iPhone are now showing some real graphical and game play strength in an arena where Sony's PSP and Nintendo's DS thought they were the only competitors? Event worthy? In my opinion moreso than the Democratic National and Republican National Conference put together. At least I'll be getting better headphones out of this mess.
I hope they're all touch screen!
I for one would like it if I could wirelessly sync my music to any of their devices using either wifi or bluetooth. Sure it may take longer than simply plugging in a cable, but I tend to lose cables in my mess of an office and house. Another function that I think would be cool is if it could save my marriage.
Is it okay for me to buy an iPhone now without worrying about it dropping signal or having problems with MobileMe? 248.7 mb better fix something.
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