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I could see it being sold as a numbered limited edition model.  I can't afford it but it would be a nice collector's item and I'm sure the value would appreciate somewhat over time being the first Apple smartwatch.  It's a great way for Apple to make more money and it's likely those limited edition AppleWatches would sell out in a short time.  Apple's always got some way to attract consumers with plenty of cash.
I doubt the Android manufacturers are worried.  They'll do what they do best.  Cut prices to the bare minimum and on new tablets they'll just add even more features.  There's nothing Samsung won't do in order to beat Apple in smartphone and tablet market share.  Samsung's next Galaxy will have an even faster processor, greater display resolution, more camera pixels, etc. just to make the iPhone look bad in terms of specs.  It probably won't help Samsung sell a lot more...
Sapphire is the new Liquidmetal.  A new pipe dream.  All the talk about revolutionary materials comes to naught.  I don't become disappointed anymore if these things don't get used.  It's always exciting to speculate on how things could be even if they don't come to pass.  Who knows?  Maybe while I'm still alive, I'll eventually see these specialized materials being used in quantity in some Apple product.
How does Samsung manage to put out a new smartwatch or two every month and yet it takes Apple over a year to do two variants of the same AppleWatch.  I'm not complaining.  I simply don't understand why there's such a huge difference in manufacturing time.  Maybe it's not the hardware but all the software and partnerships that's behind it.
The Fire Phone just came out a short while ago and already Jeff Bezos is practically giving it away.  I'm fairly certain there will be no cries from analysts to sell Amazon.  I don't understand why some companies are praised for losing money and others are damned because they don't make enough.  This price slashing clearly shows that the Fire Phone is not selling well and I honestly don't think this sale is going to boost the number of units sold to any major degree.  I...
Apple doesn't do panamaxes.  iPhone shipments are entirely airfreight.  It's a lot quicker that way and a bad storm won't cause Apple to lose an entire shipment of millions of devices.  I still think people are simply guessing that Apple is tying up all those shipments.  Certain anti-Apple factions try to blame Apple for all sorts of nonsense.  Samsung ships far more smartphones than Apple ever did by a factor of two.
It really doesn't matter if the news media or industry pundits are disappointed because the iPhone doesn't have some built-in matter transporter.  All that matters is whether consumers will buy the iPhone in quantity.  The average consumer doesn't have the expectations of tech-heads and they'll simply settle for a good Apple product.  Apple has stated nothing about any product and its the news media that's gone off all by itself.  The average consumer probably doesn't...
Aren't the Chinese carriers stopping their subsidies for high-end smartphones?  Or at least that what many of the analysts are saying how Apple won't be able to sell many iPhones because consumers won't be able to afford iPhones without the subsidies.  Supposedly Huawei and Xiaomi have the upper hand.  Or more precisely any manufacturer selling low- to mid-range smartphones has more opportunity than Apple to sell smartphones on the major Chinese carriers.  The end of...
Attention-grabbing dudes like John Gruber are really sad pricks.  They know next-to-nothing but are always opening their big yaps and standing on their little soapbox trying to draw a crowd.  If he's got anything to say about mobile payments, he should wait until Apple introduces it on the iPhone.  The rumor-mongers are rather pathetic.
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