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PC manufacturers giving up the tablet platform. Hurrah. That sounds like absolutely great news for Apple shareholders. I had a strong feeling that Apple's economies of scale and multi-product ecosystem would be too much for competitors to cope with. Now I won't have to constantly hear those Wall Street jackasses talking about how the iPad is going to be overwhelmed by a gazillion tablet vendors selling $200 Android tablets. If there really is a tablet market, Apple...
Amazon and Wall Street go hand-in-hand. Both believe that most consumers are morons that can't tell the difference between high-quality and so–so quality when it comes to electronic devices. in their eyes a Kia is just as good as a BMW as they'll both get you to work on time. Wall Street favorites are companies that build "just good enough" products. Extra fit and finish on a product doesn't really count for anything except excess overhead. Build products cheaply and...
Kids want an iPad but parents will buy them a Kindle Fire after explaining to them why the Fire is a much better buy. Unfortunately for Apple, kids on their own have little spending power. It wouldn't seem right if their parents bought them a Kindle Fire and the kids demanded they exchange it for an iPad. If the economy was better, Apple would be making a holiday killing. Now, it's not all that certain.
Don't look at it as a pathetic amount of market share. Think of it as plenty of room to grow. At this rate it might take ten more years to break 10% market share. Let's face it. Windows will forever be the most prolific desktop OS in the world. That's a rather amazing history for Microsoft Windows. No wonder Wall Street disrespects Apple when comparing it to something as rock steady as Windows use.
The iHaters are probably going to throw a tantrum and swear that this woman was paid by Apple to hype the iPhone's photo-taking ability.
Apple doesn't give a damn about directly putting money into investor's pockets. Why should it? The company is more than sound as it is. The company designs consumer/tech goods and it's not some Wall Street investment firm. Apple needs to take every spare penny and invest it into building manufacturing facilities and advance purchasing of component supplies from multiple sources in order to build its economies of scale so large that not one competitor can touch it in...
The stock market won't get it. If they haven't gotten it by now, I'm certain they never will. Wall Street is betting against Apple's long-term success at this very moment. I think Apple's dropping share price in a rising stock market shows that much. When Wall Street bets on the Kindle Fire as being able to unseat the iPad then you know that the sensibilities of Wall Street have pretty much been tossed away.
Potential investors must have missed this video. Apple shares are continuing to tank even after a market recovery.
I thought there was some industry-wide consensus that Siri was just some cheap Apple gimmick that consumers would use one or twice then never use it again. Why would Amazon need tech like that?
What you really want to verify is that iOS has 56% and Android has 2% of that gaming market share. Am I right?
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