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Potential investors must have missed this video. Apple shares are continuing to tank even after a market recovery.
I thought there was some industry-wide consensus that Siri was just some cheap Apple gimmick that consumers would use one or twice then never use it again. Why would Amazon need tech like that?
What you really want to verify is that iOS has 56% and Android has 2% of that gaming market share. Am I right?
It appears as though Apple is about to be put out of business by Amazon. Of course, all this has already been predicted by Wall Street. Sell hardware at a huge loss and make it up in volume and content. It's a strategy that is preferred by Wall Street and that's why Amazon is allowed such a high P/E ratio. The strategy seems to please consumers and investors alike. Wall Street reasons that consumers are willing to overlook poor quality and bad customer service as long...
Apple seems to be caring less and less about iPods, seeing how the Classic and iPod Touch haven't been upgraded at all. Hopefully, the next version of the iPod Touch will see at least a processor upgrade to the A5. The Classic with it's hard drive will probably be tossed aside despite it being such a capable mp3 player.
I'll probably be very sad for the next few keynotes knowing that Steve Jobs won't ever be on stage again. He was just so entertaining to watch and listen to with his "amazing, magical, and awesome" dialogue, moving about as though he were holding court. What a terrible loss of such a captivating speaker. Now, every Apple executive speaker is going to have to face that unfair comparison at every keynote address. Of all the CEO's of the major tech companies, Steve Jobs...
[QUOTE] While Consumer Reports is now recommending the iPhone 4S, the group said that Apple's latest handset was unable to outscore the best new Android-based phones. Smartphones that Consumer Reports said ranked higher than the iPhone 4S were the Samsung Galaxy S II, Motorola Droid Bionic, and "several other phones that boast larger displays than the iPhone 4S and run on faster 4G networks." [QUOTE] So, Consumer Reports confirms that Android is winning... This...
I remember so well when the iPhone first came out in 2007 and how so many know-it-alls and pundits were saying that the iPhone would never sell in significant numbers in Korea because they said that the Korean feature-phones were so superior to the iPhone. How that has changed in a couple of years. I think more Korean consumers would purchase smartphones, but the carriers are messing with their services by keep content proprietary. \
Apple seems to be driving iPad technology out of the range of rivals if a Retina-class display is something that consumers really take to. It will force rivals to keep cutting corners to stay within a certain price range if they try to copy what Apple is doing. It's a pretty shrewd strategy for Apple as long as they don't try to push too far in making the iPad difficult to manufacture. It might stretch out production time too much. I personally question the need for...
Only 20 iPhone 4Ss in stock would tend to sell out rather quickly. At least that's what all the Droidtards are saying.
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