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Ever since Motorola started using Android its market share has been dropping and it appears the company was bleeding its share price for the past couple of quarters. It almost appears that Android has done nothing for Motorola despite Google giving Motorola the first shot with the Droid line. Only Samsung and HTC have seen any financial benefits from Android. This buyout of Motorola is probably the best shot for Motorola shareholders that they'd ever have. Motorola had...
Less is more. For a cube, it looks absolutely stunning. I hope Apple has a patent on it or everyone will be building them.
Unfortunately, even when Apple becomes the largest company by market cap, it's not going to get any respect from Wall Street. Absolutely nothing will change. Apple will continue to lag behind target prices, the multiple will likely compress even more and there will be a lot more chatter about Apple being too large and the prophecies of a major collapse. Even when Apple sits on the top of the market cap heap, the jackass pundits and knucklehead fund managers will...
Why are Apple tech-heads so swayed by these constant rumors? Apple will get the iPhone out when it's ready. Why all the impatience? Aren't most of these rumors put out just to manipulate Apple's share price on a given day? A few weeks, one way or another really shouldn't make a hell of a bit of difference for a product that is going to be likely sold out for weeks. Jeez, so much turmoil over nothing.
Apple appears to be rather stingy with its cash so the best option would be to regroup the Rockstar consortium and buy it as a group. I'm sure all the other members of the consortiuim want to blunt Android so that would be the wisest decision even if Apple pays the bulk of the cost. That'll also keep the Feds happier. As a shareholder, I see grabbing these patents as more important than immediate dividends. Call it a hedge for the future.
Not going to happen with the iPhone. It's already hit the sweet spot in size. The screen will likely fit within the bounds of the standard iPhone size case but stretched a bit. That's as far as Apple needs to go without messing up all of the third-party accessories.
I'm interested in the iPhone loyalty aspect. This one of the major reasons I don't think that Android is completely unstoppable. I can understand that many first-time buyers of Android might not know any better, but will they be happy using Android smartphones and become repeat customers. If they're not happy, they might try purchasing an iPhone for their next iPhone. Of course, they could just buy their next Android smartphone from another company. I'm not going to...
Still more rumors to manipulate Apple's stock price by claiming another "delay". Who are the sources for this rumor? These rumors belong on rumor sites and not here.
It doesn't make sense for Apple to go into the TV business. Sony is bleeding money like crazy with their TV division. Apple might be able to make more money than Sony, but it sure does seem risky to me. I wouldn't mind having a 27" iMac with HDTV capabilities but even a low end model that size would probably cost close to $2000. One can buy a pretty decent 1080P HDTV from LG, Vizio or Samsung for under $1000. I honestly don't see Apple going into this field. I could...
Those jackass Wall Street clowns think that market share is everything, no matter how little profits are generated from dumbphone sales. What's Nokia's share price now? About $6. About how many layoffs are coming? Thousands. Yeah, market share is everything. Hey, Wall Street meatsacks, you need to wake up to reality.
New Posts  All Forums: