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I got mine yesterday, LG screen, looks great!  I left a finder window open over a black background for about 15 minutes, no ghosting.  Was this a problem that only plagued certain LG screens?  Early models only?  Mine seems to be a-ok.
Who made you boss? Troll
Far fetched, I know!!! 16gb is inevitable, but I would be sold on a 32gb nano!!!
BS... I bought the single processor mac pro because I needed the internal expandability and didn't need the insane power of 8 cores. The extra $ I saved helped pay for internal audio processing cards for Logic Pro. You can't add a second processor to the BTO single processor without installing a new motherboard... so those looking to save some $ and upgrade to a dual engine in the future are screwed.
unIcorn... I love it!
The calculator better support my TI-84 programs!!! BAAHH! Only kidding, it looks quite thorough for a calculator on a phone.
If only you worked for AI, Clive! The world would be a better place, right?
wouldn't a tone be 60hz, 600hz, or 6000hz?
Linkin Park? Seriously? They must have a small budget.
The air will power an external 2.5" hd via the single USB port. It has more juice to power the superdrive.
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